Another 4 star advice required thread

So… I’m thinking to take Saberlot, but I’m not sure. Or maybe CasGil or Gorgon.

I have Salter NP2, Lalter NP3, Herc NP2, Zerkerlot NP1, Merlin NP1 (and a bunch of welfare starting at Nobu rerun)

I’m very low on 5 star as you can see, but I’m planning to get CasKo or Waver and Skadi next year

If you’ve got Merlin, you might not need Saberlot because Salter and the upcoming Brave Liz rerun eliminates your need for a single target saber. Casgil offers more support, but primarily for arts servants. Since you don’t have many of those, he might not he the best pick.

I’d suggest Red Emiya. He’s a fantastic AoE archer who gets even better with his multiple upgrades.

Aside from that, Nitocris isn’t a bad pick at all. Good farming servant, and she’s cute. Hard to beat that.

I would probably say Nito too make farming more convenient.

Gorgon is a good but situational pick if you can equip her with a star gather ce paired with merlin. eg Hot sands

Saberlot isn’t the worst pick but I kinda feel because he doesn’t take full advantage of Merlin’s kit (he does still have 2 buster cards so it’s not a complete wash) he’s a little bit lower considering that. Though if you’ve got hans skilled and levelled + Merlin makes him a consistent crit machine if you time skills properly with ce’s.

Casgil i think falls even lower simply as an arts support your best servants are buster oriented.

Of the options you’ve listed I feels it’s between Gorgon and saberlot. It just depends on the rest of your squad and ce’s available.

Those are all good picks; I’d grab Gorgon just because of the immediate Merlin synergy and her story-locked status.

Hi, everyone. I’m F2P. I need some advice for choosing 4*. I’ve already had some 4* and 5* servants. Detail list here:
Saber: Altera NP1, Nero bride NP1, Chevalier Eon NP1, Saberlot NP2, Rama NP2, Eliz.
Archer: Altria swimsuit NP1, Tesla NP1, Red Emiya NP1, Nobu.
Lancer: Tamamo summer NP1, Eliz NP1, Jeanne alter lily and Cu grail
Rider: Martha NP2, Astolfo NP1, Marie NP1, Altria santa, Kintoki.
Caster: Tamamo NP1, Merlin NP1, Nictocris NP1, Marie summer NP1, Eliz halloween, Iri.
Assasin: Camilla NP1, Shiki.
Berserker: Vlad NP1, Tamamo cat Np2, Her NP2, Ibaraki NP2, Beowulf NP1, Lancelot Np1.
Other class: Sherlock Holmes NP2.
So which one I should choose ? I’m lacking avenger class but I usually use Vlad or borrow servant from friends to fight with Ruler and it’s fine. Gorgon and Avenger of Shinjuku, who’s better for my team ? Or NP2 SR ? Thanks for your help ^^

Hmm, I do have Hot Sands and Teacher and I.

I’m wavering between Gorgon and Saberlot now.
Maybe Gorgon, since I have her set and story-locked.

Saberlot… does he have any rate ups soon?