Another anna

Just give us a radiant dawn banner, fire emblem por is not fire emblem Rd…

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Anna is in the most fire emblem games and she has less alts than many others that have only been in one.


Tellius hasn’t gotten a new heroes banner in a long time, and will probably get one soon :thinking:
Not this time though, because Tellius got on half of two banners in a row, basically making one banner.
Personally I would also prefer RD over PoR but I’m biased there :feh_legion:


Sephiran is around the corner, i feel it.


I like this Anna alt. Apotheosis was a neat DLC map, and I find it really funny they’re giving us the God Anna.

I’m good with either of PoR or RD getting a banner. Both are good. Though I definitely want them to focus on different characters depending on the game. PoR, it’d be great to get Geoffrey, Lucia, and Bastian. Add whoever else you want, maybe Astrid? RD I’d want them to add some of our missing beast units. Skrimir would be cool, I’d love to see Nealuchi as the demote, and Sephiran is practically required at this point.

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Title: Another Anna
Actual description: Wanting a Tellius Banner

Tellius has gotten F!Ike and this Bridal banner and its been a year since the last Awakening banner so it was due. Still don’t know why the title and description is like this :feh_bylethconfused:


Didn’t come with Aether, trash unit. Smh

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Honestly I’m glad this one wasn’t RD. That Mirabilis took away one spot annoys me. Don’t get it why IS is doing this and I’m really sorry for the Awakening fans because this could be a spot for Miriel, Vaika, Inigo, Severa, Flavia, Basilio etc. Same goes for Mustafa, there are enough other characters to be in there first.

And yeah was to be expected that Awakening is next, considered we got Tellius units on the fallen hero and bridal banner while there wasn’t a single one of them on those two.

But we should get one in the next months. I guess the next new hero banner is either PoR/RD or 3H.

Less Tellius is best :feh_bkhaha:


I don’t care for Anna
But I kinda love how she carries a giant backpack filled with weapons.

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Tbf he said he said he wants new RD characters, and the only new RD we got is Rafiel.

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Anna: has what, 2 alts?


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Micaiah getting close now too. And she’s bound to get a legendary eventually.