Another Brave done


The +9 was finally +Def.

I would ascend his Spd, but I might as well wait for his refine in September (if the pattern continues), although I doubt his preferred boons will change.


Congrats! :fgo_ereshwoah: So nice to see B!Dimi getting lots of love despite being kind of outdated as a unit. And yeah, unless you have a surplus of IV mangoes like I do, I recommend waiting for his refine. I ascended his spd, then switched to atk and might need to switch back again depending on his refine, lol.


Congratulations he looks awesome.


the pattern’d better continue, i want my B!Lys’ refine. (and B!edel)


I would hope so, I have used and still use my +10 Bedel so much it’s not even funny, she’s even my SS unit.

Also, the 1st place male seems to have the tendency to get the most broken refine, although they also tend to arguably be the worst of the bunch when they originally come out (at least it would apply to Ike and Alm in my opinion, and I love Ike).


I think it was first place in general, so Edel should get it (unless local IS goes bias)

Nah, Lyn got first place in CYL1 and we all know where that got her. :feh_elisad: Rerefines when

That’s what I thought at first, but someone pointed out Ike got credit for both his games, putting his total over Lyn. I haven’t personally researched so could be wrong, but it makes sense. That’s why I’m expecting Edelgard to get the big refine.

The ONLY exception I think is that of all top CYL units, she is the one that aged the best, and IS doesn’t like that.

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But also yes, we need re refines lol. Especially poor Lyn.

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Congrats on finishing him! :catclap:
Hopefully he’ll get a killer refine in a few months :feh_dimitrisalute:

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