Another Challenge I'll do :3

I won’t rest, until I have the gold versions of both of these. 2020 has been very cruddy, so… Everyone’s gonna need a hero. I’ll be that hero! (I wonder what Spark will think…)

I think Spark will love it ;)

If you don’t mind, I think I’ll join you:

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Is it even possible to get the gold badge for Giovanni?

That’s a good question, because I’m not sure.

Has to be eventually. Don‘t think they‘d require us 20 defeats to get gold if they didn‘t plan on going quite a handful of Legendaries with Giovanni

Giovanni can only be defeated once per month, so it will take one-and-two-third years to earn the gold badge. That is, after the pandemic is over and they resume Team Rocket special research.

Yeahhhhh team instinct for the WIIINN.


(kinda hard to tell, but I think he’s giving a thumbs up):