Another Dream Summon Question (sorry)


I know a lot of people have asked this, but I’m looking for advice on who to get from the Dream Summon. I’ve only been playing for 2-ish weeks so I don’t have that many characters, so there’s a lot to choose from the Dream Summon for me. I haven’t been able to clear endgame content yet, the best I’ve been able to do is IO on Expert and regular dragon trials on Master, as well as the easier Void Battles.

My 5* Adventurers: Xander, Gala Ranzal

My 5* Dragons: Cerberus, Simurgh, Zephyr (1x unbound), Garuda, Gilgamesh, Nyarlathotep, Nidhogg

My 4* Adventurers: Karl, Sinoa, Verica, Karina, Thaniel, Musashi, Pia, Lowen, Odetta, Fleur, Amane, Orion, Kleimann

My 4* Dragons: Ifrit, Vodyanoy (max unbound), Poli’ahu, Stribog, Roc, Lindworm, Unicorn, Juggernaut, Silke

I have no idea who to get, I feel like I’m doing ok in the dragon department but any help is appreciated. Thanks!


If you’re interested in attempting to clear end game content then for the ones currently available I’d recommend:

Mikoto(Fire)(HMS) - Pairs w/ Cerberus
Lily or Xander(Water)(HBH)
Lin You or Maribelle(Wind)(HMC) - Pairs w/ Zephyr

Dps wise those are the top five stars for those three raids. If you’d. Those three fights don’t have five star healers for them yet other than Valentines Hildegarde which is limited.

If you don’t mind healing you have two good healers for the end game so it would leave the option to bolster your light/dark units.

Of those recommendations I’d pick Mikoto. High Midgardsormr is the first high dragon and has the easiest hp requirements to meet, he’s one of the top dps in the game 2nd in strength under limited Ieyasu and you have Cerberus arguably the best dragon for fire dps to pair with him. Also getting the wind fafnir statue will help prepare for high mercury when you get around to it. Also Mikoto is strong in Void Zephyr as well, along with Wind IO, so he covers all your bases. Plus he’s really cool :sunglasses:


Thanks! I ended up getting Mikoto and I also pulled a random Ezelith on the same day, so my Flame team is looking pretty nice right now.