Another FEH crossover?

Yes! I’m hoping Owain is one of the units that’s coming to Dragalia lost! Time to save up my Wyrmite!

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If I was to guess, they could add more of the characters from Heroes (like Loki, Surtr, Ylgr etc).

Either that, or one of the other lords in the Fire Emblem series.

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I will UNINSTALL, if they put that ■■■■■ in the game!


Some thing seems wrong here :feh_maethink:





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whens the reverse gonna happen huh


am sad now

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cant wait for the spiral release for the FEH units


D: i just started

Never. thank god.

My guess is Ephraim, Ike and Camilla or something…
maybe Sharena as free unit… if they do a new free collab unit.

I think they will stick to main screen characters

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I’d love to see Owain (and Ranzal would have some competition then)

Well, I’d love to see Morgan, but even people who know what fire emblem is have to be reminded those two (Owain and Morgan) are even characters.

Same here. My Fjorm will appreciate it.

She’s actually in the FEH event as an NPC and actually looks presentable

Last time they added 4 characters, right?

So Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude and Byleth (probably female).

If not them Ike/Lyn (popular lord), Sharena (FEH Lord) Eir/Peony (Book’s protagonist) and Loki/Bruno (FEH villain) just like the last time

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Goddamn it!! I wanted to kill her as an enemy!!


Given the previous ways of adding new characters to old events, I would expect 2 characters and a dragon, maybe three characters.

Expect another lord people would know about (Roy/Ike) and a few originals.

I doubt they’ll go 3h…
I feel like since it’s a feh collab we’ll need to see at least two Feh characters and one smash unit.

The original 4 FEH units are all getting Mana Spiral right? Same time as the event?

Correct. They said as much in the Digest.