Another looper

with the release of skadi, now we can use a total of 150 NP charger(double skadi+waver or double waver + skadi) and just now i realized that some buster servant can loop with kscope + waver +waver +skadi
just tested with laltoria and mordred (since i dont have OG saber i cant test her, but she should be able to loop too) both can loop but the dmg become a problem they hit like wet noodles compared to quick looper with skadi(most likely can only be used again class advatage or zerker node)
any other servant that u think can loop again? or another use for skadi except quick loop?

i dont know if this should be a QnA or discussion thread

GP already suggested that any servant with 50% battery (or can achieve 50% charge through OC effects+skills) can loop with two skadis and waver.

link to it?

In tier 4 you can find the servants.

damn, i dont know tier 4 exist