"Another one bites the dust" | A Co-Op Extreme Frieza Guide |

Here we are again with another Co-Op Extreme battle, with the character that introduced this difficulty, Frieza, however this time it’s in his first form. But don’t let that fool you, he is far stronger then when we first saw him, and from the first few games it’s clear that this will require you to be careful and work with your buddy in order to deal with this monster.

| I made another thing for this |

So there are some more general things to know about co-op and ways to make it easier to play, which I have made a more general Guide for which will help make the whole co-op experience better. Even if you think your a pro, give it a quick glance over, you may discover something interesting.

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| A brief runthrough |

While I won’t list everything in detail, I will highlight some things briefly to give you an idea of what to do, along with making it relevant for this boss.

Set up

So when it comes to preparing your characters, remember that Z-Abilties and Zenkai Abilities should be the main thing you consider when setting your supports, doesn’t matter what their Power Level is since you will likely get at most one or two small bumps in stats from them when compared to some characters massive Z-Ability increases.

Now as for this boss, I recommend having some max health increases either with items or characters along with some defence buffs. Even if this boss is extremely powerful, that extra defence and health will keep you in much longer and deal more damage in the long run.

Cover change and Draw agro

The amount of times I see this is really annoying, why do few people cover change or draw agro? Doing this literally will save both players as it stops the enemy combo and you won’t risk them suddenly changing to you, vanish stepping your attack instantly then attacking you.

Even if they change target, doing a cover change will still help, especially since it greatly increases your Link Gauge.

Taps are useful

Something people neglect at times is the Tap combo you can do, in this mode it’s extremely useful, it has a lot of priority, so you can stop the enemy from attacking and continuing a combo and it’s the only move that is not a single hit, so you delay the enemy much longer compared to a card art.
So if your buddy is in a combo and you can’t cover change, try to go for a tap combo, since using arts can more often then not hinder your buddy as the enemy can recover from hit stun faster then you can combo into a second card. (This can cause the boss to combo a blue card into a blue card).

Ultimate move

Okay, this one I just recommend reading the general guide for. As there are so many rules for it’s usage and explaining how to counter also takes some time.

I will say however that if your ally is the new LL Gohan and they already have an ultimate ready, don’t cover change with them. This will more often then not lead into you getting hit if your timing is off, since Gohan can revive the first time he is defeated, him getting hit is not as big a problem.


Unfortunately, Extreme Co-Op is essentially restricted to battle Bonus characters as any other character will greatly struggle to deal damage or survive, putting you at a severe disadvantage.

(Please note that I do not have access to every character, so my selection is limited. So some of these are based on what I see rather then actually playing them).
(Extra Note, Turles will not be mentioned in this as I don’t have him at Zenkai at the moment and have not encountered anyone using him, so it’s hard to say if he is any good, but since his buffs are extremely low and has no good defensive options, chances are he isn’t good for this).

Ultra Vegeta

The free unit that anyone could use, he recieves the lowest battle tag buff, but considering how good he is in PvP, he should be good here, right?
Sadly… no he is honestly he is not great and does partly drag down the team.
He doesn’t recieve his full ultra ability buff since he is the only battle member, gaining only 30% additional damage from support Frieza saga members. His attribute downgrades and Ki reduction effects essentially have no effect due to the boss removing attribute downgrades, having a super high ki pool and their special move restores their Ki (making it pointless).

His damage is at best average, but mostly below that, and his defence is almost non existent.
Only use him if you have nothing else at all to use, but you will need to work extra hard with your buddy.

LL UI Goku

UI Goku is a bit of a mix which depends primarily on how the player uses him. On one hand he has the best defensive options thanks to his unique dodge gauge and two strike/blast counter cover change. His main ability healing factor is also great and really helps keep him in longer. His offensive is about average, only becoming more noticeable at higher stars, but even at rank 2 he is really effective.

But again, this depends on the player, if they don’t take advantage of his dodge mechanic or cover change bonus, then he basically is useless. Also his green card only causes knockback when the shield is broken, do it while it is active and it will just leave you open for the enemy to attack.

LL Gohan

The new Gohan is still a great unit like the last Extreme Co-Op, great damage, good defence and his revival mechanic really makes him a great asset, especially if you need to deal with the Ultimate move. While he can’t benefit from some of his abilities in his first form, such as substitute reduction or healing allies with the main ability. His damage output is still great and reliable.

On transformation this boost is even better and can really help secure that win with the last push, however there are some minor downsides, like his special move becoming a melee attack so you are susceptible to damage, but the blast armour helps with a late input against blast arts. Due to enemy ramping damage, you can last possibly 2-3 hits after your first KO before going down, so you become more of a glass cannon.
Also like UI Goku, your green card does not work when the enemy is shielded, so be careful when using it.

As this is the one character I actually have, I build him to have a few defensive buffs, espcially max health increases, this way you can stay in your first form longer, take more hits and save your buddy from a potential ultimate. (Make sure to constantly build agro).

LL Frieza

The number of games I have seen this unit is rather limited, so knowing exactly how good he is, is not easy. However the massive battle tag boosts he receives makes him the main unit you will want to use.
The number of buffs he recieves is rather limited, he has his general damage buffs for the entire battle and his damage buff + heal when reduced below 60%, and his general main ability damage, heal, restore Ki.

He doesn’t recieve the allies defeated buff or the debuff inflicted by his green card, but his green card is a guaranteed knockback, making it better then any of the other battle tag bonus characters.

If he is on the team then the entire fight will be easy. However a fair warning, Frieza’s damage is so high, that he can break the enemy shield before you can receive any link buffs. So that can slightly slow the fight down.


I was lucky to get one match with Shallot to fully test him, and… sadly he is not recommended at all.
Now he is still the #1 tank for this mode, taking multiple hits with ease, even when the damage reaches it max ramp up, he can take them like a champ. Equipping SSGSS Vegeta’s (Future) Galick Gun is also the best for this mode as it gives a boost to you and your buddy which has no timer count.

But… his damage is basically none existent apart from that special move.
To give a better idea, the rising Rush deals a large amount of damage which is linked partly to the characters, plus an extra boost if you do it at the same time. If you did it solo with different cards with a battle boost character (not frieza), it will deal between 5,000,000 and just over 7,000,000. Shallot deals at most 1,200,000 damage. His contribution to a dual rising rush would basically push it to AT MOST 9,000,000 - 10,000,000.

So sadly, just like with Zarbon and to a degree with Super #17, he is not recommended at all for extreme co-op.

Final Thoughts

I have said this multiple times already, but since people will still complain about the mode, let me just say this.

First, this mode is made to be a challenge, so the difficulty does make sense. This isn’t something you just mindlessly grind, it’s something you play for the challenge and the extra rewards for said challenge. I have always compared this to the old version of Co-Op, before battle tags and dual rising rush was a thing. And looking back, the old one was actually harder, unless you had specific characters of a specific element. And even then it was not a guaranteed win.

Next, while it is annoying that only certain characters get this buff, and they are primarily the new units, remember that this is a free game with microtransactions. They need to make money off of this, so having the newest characters be the best for the mode is a way to convince people to spend for it. They do try to make it more open for people, which somewhat worked, but people still complained. In the end, they settled for the rewards to be available at all difficulties, but with less earned.

Finally, what are my thoughts on the progress of this difficulty?

It is rather mixed, they have tried to change it every time so that people will be satisfied… but… well just a quick look at the live chat of videos or comments on anything DBL related… it feels like people will never be satisfied. (Which is why I feel like Zarbon was made as hard as it was, just to give people something to really complain about).

But the overall progress of this difficulty has been somewhat fine, I have been able to beat them relatively fine at a rather regular pace (even with completely random people, who sometimes don’t bother helping), and I’m honestly not that good at the game.

Either way, I honestly like this as it introduces a challenge that gives me more reason to play then to just try and grind for stuff mindlessly. Anyway, hope this helps and enjoy your time playing DB Legends, and good luck beating the Extreme Co-Op.