Another one down

Two out of three Askr Trio members fully built now, just Anna left and she’s gonna be the hardest to build.




Now she will really comes through

Wrath and blue flame? Usually that’s what you give to Anna, what’s your intended build?

Same as what’s show above, just with the skills I just inherited instead.

Damn I was gonna say that XD

Full build?

You… Sacrificed Owain!?

I still need him…

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Just this, would use a rally + because scoring, but oh well


He was a worthy sacrifice…

If I can draw him, hugging me and we’re both crying, I’d use that instead, but…

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Well as much as I like Owain in can forgive you since Blue Flame is definitely good on her
Why res bonds might I ask? Was it simply a matter of availability or are you specifically trying to improve her res?

When I get home from the hospital, I’m going to cuddle with my body pillow, pretend it’s Owain/Odin and kiss and cuddle the fluff out of it

With two res bonds she reaches 32, which is decent enough. Add on top of that the +4 to all stats of being a bonus unit and +6 spectrum buffs and she gets up to 42, it gets pretty usable with enough investment. And since I’m going to use her in Arena a lot, she’s gonna have to go up against dragons a fair bit.

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I see. I focused more on her def personally.

Spd/res was just what was available, and more for the speed anyways.

Did the Atk/Def Bond come from Owain or Fjorm?


Probably came from Rutger. But I’m not sure.

Rutger I think. It definitely didn’t come from Owain, don’t worry :smile:


Can I steal this, is cheap and efficient :catroll:

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