Another one for ya folks

Just got a Male Byleth at -Atk. Clearly inferior to his larger breasted counterpart, I see him as 6000 feathers and DC/RS fodder. So after I get his feathers, I have a few candidates for that fodder I’d like help deciding on:

Our Boy

High HP, effective against dragons, always follow up on foe initiation, and high stat ball after DF’s (currently at 0.)

It's A Mirage

He’ll get QR3 seal and his Prf bumps his Atk to ridiculous heights to start with

Wait, why?

For those instances where the support unit is in range of someone I don’t want to get free hits in, and RS+FB seal+Prf would severely punish dragons


Do you need another infantry sword? :thinking:


Roy cuz Roy


Nope… Got like 40 of them (15-ish at +10.)


Is there anyone else that might want DC? :feh_eirikathink:
Brave Lucina doesn’t really have the bulk to use DC, and she probably wants an A slot that will help her survive more engagements instead.


The Boy Roy


I have a bunch of units who already have DC but might be able to use RS to good effect and/or for higher scoring in arena, but I’d hate to waste a DC, you know?


You can always hold Byleth for later :feh_nini:
You don’t have to fodder now.

Where it should have went

Where it ended up


Roy is the way


IMO Ruptured Sky is most valuable for its scoring, because about 90% of the time its damage is comparable to Moonbow. And all three of the units you put up already pack dragon effectiveness so the extra damage Ruptured Sky grants against dragons is largely useless because they all nuke dragons fine without it. You get a nice bonus against beasts, Garon, and the Sothises, but I find it frankly a waste of valuable fodder unless you’re planning on making one of these units an Arena core member.


Have them both at +10, maxed. They are pretty comparable IMO. Itsuki would be the better scorer for Arena/MS (6 points if both using DC), but more expensive since he needs grails. If you give either one a different weapon, they could use Ruptured Sky and avoid effectiveness-redundancy. For example, I gave Itsuki Petal Parasol and he has been quite good with it. That being said, I prefer Aether for sustain.

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Their statlines are basically the same though. That and MByleth looks better :feh_loncool:

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Eh, I’m going to go against the grain here and say B!Lucina. She can be a good Repel tank (or use any speed B skill like Lull Atk/Spd) if you want her to hold her own (you do have to sacrifice the ability to run a Link or Ruse). However, often the best defense is the ability to retaliate, and DC makes that happen, regardless of her B. I will agree with the others that Ruptured Sky is a scoring skill, so I’d really only do the RS+DC instead of DC from Hector or whoever if she’s going to see Arena scoring use.

This is my roy. I want to make him +Spd.

Lull Atk/spd for better tanking and to prevent follow ups.
He is actually a unit you want to get max DF on him because his last stat he gets is Res. Thank you Lvl 1 stats
I gave him a bunch of stuff like Bracing stance 5, but in my experience it doesn’t work well.

I’d say DC is his best A slot and for his b slot are lulls or NCD.