ANother rerun - Disco rolls!

Last rerun we had a very successful draft to add a bit of extra flavour to the event the second time around.

I would be up for doing it again this time around, but the event already starts tomorrow so it might be hard to schedule (plus I don’t have much time)

Instead, here’s a variation that even newer players might like to try.

Step 1 - Take Elyon’s latest CN tier list and reduce the 7 tiers down to six by cutting one or combining two:

Step 2 - Count the number of ops you have in each tier (if you’re new and missing some tiers, feel free to double up wherever feels right)

Step 3 - Do a Disco roll to decide which op from each tier you get.

Step 4 - fill your team with your 6 6stars and whatever lower rarity ops you like or find useful and clear the EX challenge mode maps (practise mode is fine)


Step 1 - I’ll combine tier 1&2 as I only have Bagpipe from tier 1.

Step 2 - I have 8 total ops from tier 1&2, 5 ops from tier 3, 3 ops from tier 4, 10 ops from tier 5, 2 ops from tier 6, 3 ops from tier 7.

Step 3 -@ discobot roll 1d_ (looks like you have to make multiple posts for this which is a bit of a shame, but oh well - look below)

My rolls got me Kal’tsit, Phantom, Ceobe, Hellagur, Siege, Skadi

Step 4 - screen your team’s progress as you work through the EX stages!

Teams so far:












@discobot roll 1d8

:game_die: 5

@discobot roll 1d5

:game_die: 3

@discobot roll 1d3

:game_die: 2

@discobot roll 1d10

:game_die: 1

@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2


@discobot roll 1d3

:game_die: 2

@discobot, roll 1d4

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

@discobot roll 1d4

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:game_die: 1

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Hope some of you can join in!

Or if you have different thoughts or ideas about different ways to mix things up, feel free to share!

Again, I don’t have her
@discobot roll 1d4

:game_die: 2