ANother rerun - Disco rolls!

T1: Bagpipe / Silverash

@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2

T2: Mudrock / Kal’tsit / Nightingale / Eyja / Ifrit

@discobot roll 1d5

:game_die: 3

Oof, Nightingale was not who I was hoping for there :fgo_gudako:

T3: Ash / Angelina / Weedy / Blaze

@discobot roll 1d4

:game_die: 2

T4: Schwarz / Ceobe / Gladiia

@discobot roll 1d3

:game_die: 2

T5: Hellagur / Magallan / Rosmontis / Shining / Carnelian / Blemishine / Aak / Archetto / Hoshigma

@discobot roll 1d9

Why is everyone in T5 :ak_kaltsitsip:

:game_die: 6

T6&7: Siege / Ch’en

@discobot roll 1d2

:game_die: 2

Oh wait I missed Skalter off the T2 list

T2: Mudrock / Skalter / Kal’tsit / Nightingale / Eyja / Ifrit

@discobot roll 1d6

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:game_die: 4

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Still Nightingale, fair enough :ak_scene:


I guess Disco’s decided fate is predetermined or something :slight_smile:


She sure likes you alot :fgo_shutensip:


Sorry Nightingale, I like you too, I’m sure you’ll do great :ak_okaydokay:
I was just kind of hoping for Cat’sit or Mudrock


I wish I got Cat’tsit too, but oh well, wish I have more ground unit other than Surtr, sniperknight isn’t my thing :ak_scene:


I’ve somehow maynaged to get only two ops with masteries, so I feel quite happy to be working with ops I haven’t given the time to. Also, my Siege is M6, but I don’t think I’ve ever actually used her S3, so this is the event for it to shine!

Thanks all for jumping on board so quickly :ak_exusiailove:

Teams so far:




(Yato is Saga )
PS - please add a screenshot if you can Iori


Feel free to join in!
And it’s not here for anyone to feel any pressure or stress. It’s just a fun extra challenge to help you think about your team compositions in a different way, no matter if you succeed or not :heart: