Another salty spookfest rant

And Lu Bu Red Hare!

Edit: forgot Boudica also!


Clairvoyance EX is one of the best tools for mitigating salt. I can get feeling impatient with the Friend Summon pool in the short term, but blowing SQ specifically for a general pool 3* is asking for frustration and disappointment.

If Okada-kun weren’t limited, no one would be using these banners for him, either.


If it isn’t a typo, then you must be an absolute madman. I salute you :fgo_jeannyes:


As I said…I don’t want to repeat that experience. I completely burned out on the last day of the event and stopped playing altogether to preserve remaining vestiges of my sanity. But at that point it was reverse QP hell, everything (including max expanded archive) stuffed with embers, embers being burned and all servants that I had pieces/monuments for ascended, so I really didn’t see much a point for continuing.

Not something I recommend doing, but it did allow me to create a major stockpile of materials/gems/embers.


I can’t remember the last time I even paid attention to what servants I pulled from the FP gacha. They’ve all been NP5 for so long, they’re just a few mana prisms that I toss aside on my endless quest for CE exp…


I started noticing the 3 stars again when I was rolling to make CE bombs during the 13M campaign because I was getting 2/3 3 stars per 10x roll and I think the game is trying to bait me to use SQ


good luck on your next rolls, maybe you are lucky then

Do you have any idea how many people would trade 3 Medusas for the Atalanta Alter, Qin Liangyu, and Li Shuwen you pulled?


I…sorta? understand them. Caesar’s extra NP levels evaded me for a very long time. What I don’t get is why this person would use actual SQ instead of just waiting for the fp summons to do their thing since I did get him eventually.

If you are really that upset about this, sell those 4* you pulled for RP, then trade them for FP. You can vent after that. If not, I can only see this as spreading negative energy online for unspoken malicious intent against the game.


It’s interesting to see how this post is mainly about not getting a general pool servant and the encouraging tone that everyone has in sharing their newbie experiences.

In my case, the servant that repeatedly couldnt get happens to be avicebron until I rolled my 1st one using FP summon. Fast forward several months later, I’ve had 2 NP5 avicebron. Things like this do happens and the game is designed in such a way that you build up your portfolio of servants once you play long enough.

If you are really hell bent on getting Medusa, then the class-based summoning campaign banners might be a better choice for you. Got my one and only Colombus NP1 through that banner when I was a clueless newbie.


This game is about testing your patience.
Just buy sq to pull more, if making your wallet lighter makes you feel any better but may regret later.

FP summon or not, RNG is RNG, tbh Medusa was my first 3* pull and i think i got her more than 20 times since. Hans was my NP problem on my 200th day I think.

A grailed NP2 Medusa should work as an NP3, you just need to do your daily free pulls and create more CE bombs. I have practically NP5’ed all FP servants except Angry Mango who is at NP4.

I have NP0 columbus, NP0 caster gilles, and 2 year stuck at NP1 Bedivere which are fine.

NP0 caster gilles

Not much of a loss here :D
But yeah, story-locked and limited 3* are the worst civilization possible.


I was cursed with NP5 Caster Gilles when I pulled that Caster class banner WAY back when I had zero gold Casters. But I ended up with NP2 Loli-book, NP2 Choco Bunny, and Waver, so it was worth it.

I understand. I literally have EX Luck - I get surprisingly good rolls, just always not those I want. (Ok, little bragging this time) - Li Shuwen assasin np3 - fenomenal roll. Except I was much more happy for spooky Karna I got, because I’d actually use him with joy instead of force (as in, alright fine old man, I dislake you, but I cannot afford to ignore an SSR servant). But it really pulls my nerves to be unable to get a servant I want - literally only reason to play this game (at least until they finish fate record)