Another short S!Claude lesson :feh_claudesmug:

was bored, I may be to lazy to score in AR anymore but that dosnt mean I don’t in occassion abuse my Friends list. That’s right, I bad touch all your damn maps.

Anyway, went to the top of the list and played a few notorious ones and a few whatever, no offense to anyone here, I’m just saying your maps are worth making an example of because they are good.

  1. TMFMs

I LOVE tmfm maps, Idk why but they really maintain a spirit to them and often bring a little new to the table. The units are always up to date and changing based on the current competitive meta. There’s also and edge of salt to them for anyone whose ever beaten them without class. I especially loved his Ninja lyn era, it made me giggle seeing her purposely countered even months after she fell outa fashion. So no matter where he goes on the score board I always bad touch them and lose the first, second, third then realize I’m an idiot and forgot to bless my units. Anyway. How 2.

  1. Have enough actions for his PP boss monster, or just be Soren (sadly Soren can’t do this shit with rein anymore, she dosnt have the patience to force it)

  1. check traps using canto, one things I’ve noticed is people almost never use canto aggressively. You can use it to push forward without wasting actions, not just to run. Canto remaining is the strongest version to push forward with or run, altho it takes more skill than a true canto it’s potential is very high. The ability to push forward freely is the strongest use of canto in an offensive set up. Your ment to run people over with a Player Phase you know? I’ll get into more canto strats another day maybe. Sadly I guess I’m a little salty about how apparently “simple” my phase is to play so I may be throwing a fit today with this toutorial.

Anyway, on we go:

Now just… kills shit and remember Claude has something 90% of all apparent braves above him do not


Utility allows him more options to clear a map, if he can’t kill he tanks, if he can’t kill them all he cuts their movement, if he needs to EP he can indisputably do it amazingly at least once. So trust him a little.
(Also canto. He has built in canto. WTF is be t.2). His gravity forces whatever you want to keep safe behind you from a lotta ranged danger. He also utilizes gate… sadly.

And once everyone’s dead everyone’s dead.


A basic save map: they all end the same, just take ur time. Because until they release an inheritable twin blades for an anti he has all the time to the world to sidle down units with or without nfu. And no, you don’t need to fear any amor far save archers yet, they are emerald as duck and can’t use dead eye + mitigation special yet.

Argenmendon map btw.

This cool guys map.

Use gate to hit and run. Because fuck this game (Don’t need gate but fuck it why not)

The end

Honestly it’s silly to me. Claude isn’t a tank but he has a lotta options. One may ask “Soren, why didn’t you take to legendary Claude? Same shit but better, tier list told me so)

Why you ask? Because legendary Claude is ass. He lacks the power. Even without nfu SClaude is Atking twice before you act, and leathality is far far > dead eye.

And shit, just use a damn impact if your scared of foe fallowups. :feh_hecstare:

But most importantly… can IS please break Reinhardt agian so I can go back to telling everyone magic is everything

“Popsicles are everything” just dosnt have the same ring to it. :fgo_illyablink:

I’m wearing my mean little cow boy spurs extra pokey.

(I realize I have one to many peonies just replace one with any dancer. Damnimage


I also realize that even if they release an inheritable twin blades no one will ever use it because “MitaGatIon” special lmfao. What a weak/sad fuckin play style. :feh_juliusdisgust:


It was funny to read your text xD

When I’m doing my AR-O matches.

“Oh i lost a unit again” xD

My Mind: “OK, i don’t care about this missing 20 points.” xD

My final score is always around 21.200 - 21.350

And i don’t care about my defense xD


I have a wonderful sense of humor. :feh_rein:


I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Time for Reinhardt’s refine, for much mure humor :smiley:


I love u. Stop tryin to steal my hardt. :feh_hecstare: