Another summoning question

So I posted a poll a while ago about summoning for the hero fest or not. It did favour summoning for B!Ike, but then I had some doubts, as I have Helbindi.

On top of this, I’ve also considered summoning for B!Veronica since I have enough copies for a +4, so I’m very tempted to merge. Plus, it’ll be a while before a good value banner like this shows up again.

At the same time though, saving has been satisfying (I’m at 550 orbs currently). Help me decide!

  • Merge up B!Ike
  • Merge up B!Veronica
  • Save up

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Also, is it more value to summon on a hero fest banner with 4 units at 5%, or a 3 unit banner at 4%?

Without knowing the context, I would say to save.

That said, if you use B-Ike a lot in AR (he is a fantastic carry unit) he appreciates merges quite a bit. Otherwise, he’ll still do you good unmerged.

I can’t really recommend going out of your way to merge Veronica. Cavalry have no Duel skills to increase their scoring, and she’s mainly a supportive unit – a job she does equally well at +10 or +0.

I have a +4 Veronica that I got off random value banners slowly and she does benefit from the atk and spd a lot, but she isn’t a scorer anyway so I would just slowly merge her up rather than spending all at once now. She has no fodder, so why not merge your current copies up now?

Bike might soon be available through divine codes, some way or another. I would definitely not spend on Bike now.

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I’m sorry I like Helbindi but he pales in comparison to B!Ike

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I get that. It just feels kinda sad how Helbindi isn’t that great compared to modern units nowadays.

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A helbindi did almost take out my duo alfonse yesterday while I was doing a chain challenge with panic ploy. So at least there’s that?

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I mean he’s bulky but he could use a refine. I’d say he either needs an even wave spec to go with his odd wave spec, or maybe pull a Duo Hector and get odd follow-up

That would be very cool. He’s the only Muspell unit with a bad pref weapon.

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With Bike as he is, they could give Helbindi a nutty refine and he still wouldn’t break the game.

They should give him like, 1% damage reduction per point of hp he has.

The goal shouldn’t be to break the game it should be to make him good

My highest luck has always come on the mythic and legendary banners. It’s tough to just wait through them for your preferred unit (for example, I didn’t summon at all on Lif’s banner because I’m holding out for L!Julia to show up again). But starting at 8% with no chance for an unassociated pity break (such as getting Gray at 5.5% on an Arya or Eirika banner) has proven more fruitful for me. And it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a legendary or mythic banner with NO units I’d be ok getting by accident.

And do the math… Getting someone you expect out of a pool of 3 at a 9% draw is the same as getting someone randomly out of a pool of over 20 at a 3.5% draw. Which do you think is more likely?

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Honestly sounds kinda broken, as my Helbindi can hit like 70 hp in AR (with summoner support).

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I was thinking current hp, so as he gets damaged he reduces less. But maybe 1% per point would be too much. Maybe 0.5-0.8%.

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It could have a cap of sorts. Or maybe he compares his health with his opponent. It’s honestly a cool idea though.

I quoted the wrong part. I meant to quote the part about “he still wouldn’t break the game”

But no. No more %-based dmg reduction. B!Ike taught us the dangers. Even something that doesn’t seem horrible on the surface can be broken by players very quickly