Another topic where you can show off your 5*+10 units

Tittle explains it all. I certainly enjoy my 5*+10ns more than anything nowadays so might as well create a topic to let you show yours as well. I’m not into showing my Tiki and Corrin tho, as you probably saw them more times than i can count. I’ll show these guys instead
My newest proud and joy, although he sucked all grails i had, now only 500 left :feh_eirikabulli: (also 5* OG Lyn but do i reaally care about 44 atk sword unit? Nope. She was collecting dust nothing more)

-atk Laegjarn died here, wich is okay since i never pulled for her, she just appeared for me… Still having her in core arena team is refreshing.

This guy still eagerly waits for atk boon copy, but even when i’ll get it i will need to find a place for him. Let’s just say i did it to make him happy cause he is deep enough character and i love it about him.

not even fully merged yet but i guess i should finish him, this guy decided that i must merge him for whatever reason, as he showed up 3-4 times in row. I would be able to have him at 5*+6 but one copy was eaten up by Nowi for warding breath.

This guy was my another attempt to build tank for AR but i’m so used to Matthew by now i don’t want to change him for anyone anymore.
Also here what i stumbled upon in arena

A full Corrin team, all but sword Corrin was 5*+10.


@The-beast Look, a Hawkeye.


I knew I had to bookmark this. Do note some seals or even skills may have been misplaced at the time.

You may also check other users’ +10s there, like @Thehalohedgehog’s.


I do love the chance to show these guys (+ Sakura) off. :blush:

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Odin is the only 5* +10 that matters.

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WWWWWHAT?! How… 3 grail units at +10?! How? All i could do is two Ghb’s but you got one TT unit… Great collection of built up units btw. Hope they serve you well.

Well, Black Knight was the only Tempest Trial Unit we’ve had that could’ve been +3’rd before the Grail System.

  • 2 Copies from his Original Run.
  • 1 Copy from the TT Rerun of the first 8? Units.
  • Starter Bundle.

While Xander had up to +5 copies that were free, iirc?, as for Legion, +4. (I missed a copy for both of them tho. :pensive:)

So +10’ing them wasn’t as awful as +10’ing other GHB/TT+ Reward Units, I’m learning this the hard way as I’m currently saving up to +10 NY!Eir.

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I had like 4 of Aversa and Naesala so i bought 7 copies of both but even then 4 copies is max i could get of any ghb unit… Do you have any grails left?


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Flaunt our 5+10?
Don’t have a lot though

(still waiting a +res one)

with his new shiny weapon, still want a Nailah for dc + null c-disrupt…

(He got +4DF now)



I actually have too many to post individually,so these are my recently 2 finished.


This is where I’d post my +10 units, if I had any!


Good boi

And good gal :


Ohhh another Corrin, now i must show mine

Since she is paired up with ATiki, she has like +8 atk/spd, 5 def and 2 res.



I suck at commiting to merge projects, so as of right now these are my only ones:

Klein and Kronya are on their way, though!


looks at title

feels sad

walks out of room

This is close enough right? right?


My +10s in chronological order :feh_flaynfish:

Big Damage

Big Bulk

Big Both

Moony Boi

Best Boi

Good Boi

VERY good Boi

Gimme that Revival :catroll:


My first +10 unit, she served me very well but I don’t even use her anymore…

I’ll probably switch to +Def if I ever find a copy.

My most recent +10, she’s surprisingly good and I’m glad I merged her.

Best boy.

Let’s pretend she’s +10…I need that last copy so badly, please come home…

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Lotsa interesting ones. :eyes:

Most know mine by now.

Have served me well and will continue to do so. :feh_loncool:

Shout-out to this one cause she’s almost there. :feh_ceciliaculture:

And this one cause she would’ve been if I had the last copies I need. It’s been 4 months since my last :feh_sharenacry:

Planning on merging Seth once Cecilia’s done, and some more after that. :feh_bylethsmile: