Another topic with 4* pick

Here is my current roster

I have read the guide on gamepress but still not sure what to pick. I was going to pick Lalter but I got her in the gacha. So I have no fav characters, I want to pick. can I get some suggestions?

There seems to be a Saberlot shaped hole right over there, you should fix that.


I see that you’re lacking in casters. I’d either recommend Nitocris for farming because of her level 8 battery skill. Not to mention her 1st skill’s instant death is reliable even at level 1.

You could snag Caster Gil to pair with servants like Emiya and Artoria archer for offensive arts support.


Can you guys elaborate on the Nito recommendation? OP already has caster Nero so it seems like that role is covered.

As for the OP, your roster is well developed, so the next thing to do is diversify into niche or trait based servants. I’m in a similar boat as you, so I’m debating over NP2 Tristan (missing Quick ST archer), NP2 Fionn (missing Arts Lancer), or NP1 Penth (anti-Greek male). Not sure how you feel about Quick / Skadi, but you can also start building in that direction.

Nitocris, by virtue of her ability to hold an event CE (or otherwise BG/etc. for non-event farm), and clear 1-2 waves depending on what you hold, is a stupendous QoL upgrade even if you have CasUmu or even the meme supports (although mostly like, Waver really). Beyond that the two aren’t comparable in anything but being AOE Casters, and do different jobs: CasUmu is a W3 deleter and sub-buffer for min-turn comps, Nito is a W1-2 bronze deleter (sometimes silver depending on NP levels and/or CE equipped). I rolled for Umu and Mama, got neither, but got Nito and I was happy; I’d still roll for Umu anyway, because she’s carved out a differently powerful niche. Again, literally no one else can do what Nito does, even right now in JP. Done it, and seen it done in the video links therein (and Kery Games has used her in a ton of videos, event or otherwise). (Medea and Okeanos Caster can also charge 100+%, but they are ST and their damage is pathetic and weak-unless-with-BG respectively… and is still ST so w/e for wave-clear.)