[Another] way to enjoy wasting your time

Can someone talk to me about, or direct me to a thread about, the wonderful experience of playing through Another Eden.

You still get the hope, thrills and uniqueness of a gacha game, but it’s all wrapped up in a beautiful rpg that is clearly continuing to be made with care and love.

I played for a bit, ran out of time and space on my phone, deleted, six months or so passed and now have recently installed again. Coming back it still feel that the game is there for me and I can take my time with it, without having to worry about events or trying to keep up.

This is the main team I used to finish Part 1, though some others are on the way to catching up to add a bit more variety.

Anybody else out there play it?

Would be great to have a thread going to share some thoughts, stories and accomplishments.


I’ve never played it before, but I’d be curious to see more about it.

What’s the story like?

Also that Cetie person catches my eye :eyes:


It’s kind of like Chrono Trigger all over again.
(you can see the blatant references with some of the main characters)

Basically something happens that messes with time and your main fellow travels back and forth through time to try to fix it (with a core group of main characters).

Meanwhile, you do quests, meet cats, fight monsters, get gems and roll on the gacha for whichever characters you might like to build and use.

It’s well worth checking out. The art is very good and there’s a wide range of characters to choose from and do quests for. Some of the content gives bonuses to different characters and elemental teams become more important for end game stuff, so it encourages you to build a wider range of units.

Nothing about it seems to be time sensitive either, no limited time events or anything, so you can really take your time with it and go at your own pace.


Isn’t Cyrus The name of Frog’s partner?


I haven’t played Chrono Trigger, but this does sound cool. I’ll give it a try if I have the space

:feh_hridexcited: I like cats


Anyways, I really like the art style. I’m playing two Gacha games at the moment however, and I don’t have a seperate device to watch YouTube at the same time, unless I use my switch, which I’m debating now.


Yeah, the story’s written by the same guy and the music’s done by the one of the original Square guys as well.

One drawback is that the file size is huge, but it;s well worth it if you can find the space.


Is 30 GB enough :feh_estsmile:

The two gacha games I have are no more than 3.5 GB


Crazy to think that Chrono Trigger’s file size online is like 10MB or something.


Nope, the Art Style looks good and I see a Chrono Trigger character in there so it already has a few points from me, but I’m just barely able to handle 3 gachas at once. A 4th one will kill me


If you do find a bit of time, check it out.

There’s actually very little upkeep (no base or daily quests) and the only benefits of logging in every day are 20 gems in the mail, and another 10 by visiting the store. And even that’s only worth about a 10 roll a month.

The majority of rewards come from working through the content, of which there’s a huge amount of.


I’m not playing it much at the moment beyond logging in for the daily gems but like you said it will be there when I go back to it. I like that there’s not really any pressure. I’m somewhere around chapter 53 or 54 I think.


Oh wow that’s far.

Did you just build one main team or do you have lots of lvl60+ units?

I’m sad I didn’t install it on an emulator when I ran out or room on my phone. Missing a year’s worth of daily gems hurts.


It’s pretty far but there’s still plenty more to go.
I’m getting to the point where I have a decent team for each element.


Having a strong enough team to start recruiting the in game bonus characters like Azami is what I’m thinking of working towards, or is that a pipe dream?

How’s your luck been with the Another Style characters?

I got two, Shion and Laclair, through their rateups on the gacha before I stopped playing (winter apparently, so more like 6 months ago).

Hoping to get Elga’s, or really any kind of copy of her, before her rateup ends.

With two copies of Shion and 3 copies of Bertrand (I’ve only had 8 5 star pulls in total), my light points are in good shape, but I have a woeful amount of shadow points sadly.

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I think you should be able to get them. Though I guess what characters you have can make it easier or harder. I heard Shion AS can basically solo Azami so you should be good for her at least.

Did you do the Persona 5 quest? It’s pretty low level and Joker & Morgana are really good.

I’ve been pretty lucky with those. I have Laclair, Akane, Melina, Mariel from the gacha. And I got Nagi with treatises.

You can grind it but it’s a pain in the butt. Some free characters have a specific dungeon and completing it with them in the party has a chance to give them +1 light/shadow.
There’s a list on the wiki (spoiler warning for story characters you don’t have yet) link



Yeah I’ve been using the wiki to help guide me.
Good news about Azami, I didn’t do the Persona 5 stuff yet, so maybe I’ll have a look at that this week.

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I did my first 10 summon. Got the person on the Focus.

I’m a bit confused on the star rarities, but I guess I’ll figure it out later.
If she is a 4 star I can make her 5 star right?

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Yeah, you’ll be able to upgrade her to 5 stars later on.

Hope you’re enjoying the early chapters.

If you’re considering to reroll the thing to look out for are the ‘Another Style’ characters. They aren’t necessarily any stronger, but they are much rarer and require a lot more farming to get through upgrades.

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Yeah the empty/grey star means she can be upgraded. People call that a 4.5* to distinguish it from normal 4* that can’t go higher.