(Another) Who to get with the sr ticket?

i dont even know who i’m aiming for.
at first, i wanted to choose Kerry, but all my bones got used up for leveling up spartacus and kiyo

please send help

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If you really want to pick Kerry and your only hangup is the bones then keep in mind that the X-mas lottery has 3 bones/box so if you are patient that problem will sort itself out.

From the looks of it you have a severe lack of NP battery providers so I’d recomend Helena (unless you are drowning in K-scopes).
IIRC she is the only non-limited or SSR servant with that big teamwide battery.
That 20% battery and card buff are rather useful plus she can demolish an enemy wave.
Her Cooldowns are a bit long for anything outside of farming however she is a big Quality of Life improvement if you invest in her.

Other common suggestions are Nitocris and Penth.
Nito is a mostly farming servant but Penth is extremely versatile.
She might be fragile but the combination of a 20% NP gauge/turn and pure offensive buffs means she can inflict some major damage.




Judging by your roster you have all you need to make Kerry function as a great arts crit servant. Caster gil and hans. Don’t worry about bones. Oniland and christmss will supply you with more than enough. Don’t be sawyed by him being arts based though, I love every assassin equally so I won’t knock him but his np gen is horrible . Unlike chiyome up there, though he packs more of a punch. Pain to raise, though I find him worth the headache.
However before u make a decision it might be worth it to look into the others. You have herc and kiyo and Spartacus is excellent farmer theyre no slouches but penth and ibaraki may be worth looking into. Theyre both very solid. Penth packs hella power and ibaraki is really tanky. Neither are difficult to raise. And penths buffs can work well with your eli chan . Fragile very very but she takes big chunks out of the enemy before she falls.
Casters- helena. She works on any team and I reccomend her to anyone. Her party wide np charge and also great farmer. Nito is one of those strictly farming her instant death works on hsnds and she loops very well and makes assasains go splat… Nursery is quite solid as well but you would get more use from helena over book loli and nito…she would benefit your roster greatly, shes quite cheap to raise too.
You’re set on sabers and archers. Though a few lancers are worth a look. Parvati- is a good looper even without skadi. Though she lacks power without her buffs active. And lalter is a monstrous aoe lancer.
So it might be worth looking into some if not all of them before you settle on Kerry, though he is a good option and hes never a bad option.


You need Helena Caster. That’s all there is to it.

Thread closed.

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How can u turn down that smile


welp, time to farm caster monuments and gems


anyways, time to wait till christmas for the gems and oniland for the monuments

ty for the tips!

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Easy recommendation. Your only real choice is Helena based on your roster.

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what team comp works well with helena tho?

All of them. Both her teamwide battery and dmg buff are working with basically each servant.
Helena is just very good general support that will be always usefull for beginners, while still being good option for seasoned players in some situations. I got mine from my first sr ticket and im using her even now.


As you lack of supports so i can only say one name


what cult did i just join…?

Is not just a cult, is The Cult

I think he Helena suggestions are kind of bad. I am lacking support and need one too, but the Prisma Illya event is relatively close. End of January. If you lasted a few months without one, you can last another few without one. This is basically our only ticket as I am fairly certain NA got cucked out of the other one because they gave it out early. So these SR tickets are quite rare moving forward and should mostly be used to nab story locked servants.

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But after prisma Illya are a lot of banners with great servants, so using the SQs to try to get someone that you can get for free isn’t the wisest move, and prisma Illya is her last banner that we know so if he don’t roll there he may never get her because luck is cruel

Hey, man, I am a firm believer in using the ticket on who you want. I am just saying it is far from pragmatic.

If someone want to get advices or subjestions that what i will give, i’m just saying that isn’t the wisest move to roll for Helena because next year have a lot of amazing servants after that banner

Of course, and I disagree, the Prisma banner is literally one of the highest value banners next year regardless. You get one of the best CEs in the game, you get Miyu which is one of the only sources for buff success up, you get an elusive single target caster, the rarest class in the game. And obviously your choice at a very good critical based caster or the best healer (whatever that is worth) that is story locked… assuming you do not care about Helena.

It is basically the best banner if you want lots of good things instead of just an ssr and it is super flexible based on what you may or may not already have.

Now, yes, if you care about nothing else, obviously it is a skip. But if anyone is interested in Helena, I would consider the option over wasting a ticket.

If it isn’t in the card, it isn’t in the cards. Just grabbing Helena with the ticket is a great idea if you are after some of the high profile stuff next year. You are right. But just writing off the alternative is what is unwise.

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I may disagree with you but you have your good point, but either way i’m not the one that is going to make the final desition, OP is the on that have to do it, we all are just giving him adivices that he can ignore if he wants, the prisma Illya banner isn’t that good to be honest, MGS may be good for loops but isn’t the best ce in the game, that Miyu is rare don’t make her a better servant even if i’m one of the people that is rolling to get her for the sake of wanting Miyu, Medea Lily is really that useful because this game don’t put a great emphasis on healing, Illya hits hard with her NP and that i her just and she is good at it but OP already have Mecha Eli-chan that can already do that just pretty well, Helena is a great servant but you can get her for free with the ticket and save for stronger or more useful servants like Arjona Alter, Da Vinci Rider, Reines, Nero Bride, Skadi, Merlin, etc. But i don’t try to extend this discussion i’m just giving my point of view

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There is no better support to get with the free sr ticket than Helena. Who care about story locked servant ? The most important thing for someone who start the game is to be able to farm correctly. Helena is the only one who can enable that for the whole team in the SR-R servant. She’s a must have if you want to have the game easier.