Answers for Catch Cup

So, now that it’s rolling, what’s the word in the Catch Cup with:

  1. Stuff that was hatched. Hatched during season 5 work? Acquired egg during season 5 work?

  2. Traded stuff work? If originally caught during season 5, or if traded during season 5?

  3. Are people seeing shadow pokemon in the catch cup? There hasn’t been a rocket incursion in season 5, so shadows are stuck with Frustration. Some can function with a second move, just having one useful move and frustration.

  4. has been a great resource for me to find out what’s good and what’s not so good. Any word on how to use that to get good evaluations for Catch Cup. I tried a custom tournament omitting Legendary, Mega, Mythical, and shadow pokemon, and Azu was in the high 20s. Took away all the restrictions, and Azu was still in the high 20s, so I don’t think that feature is working right. Clearly one can just eliminate any legendaries and such from the stock GL list, but the rest of the list should shift some when Deoxys-D and Cress (and many others) are not in play.

Any info appreciated.

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  1. hatched during season 5 works even if egg is picked up before season 5.
  2. traded stuff work only if it’s caught during s5. Trades occurred during season 5 but caught prior to won’t work.
  3. Did one set only, no shadow. One opponent had Azu/Skarmory/Wigg, others are just randoms. (I’m in an elo where i don’t see rank 10 poses, i’m guessing 2200s).
  4. No need to rely on PvPoke. Most people should be saving stardust and using common hatches in the past 2 weeks.
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I tanked after little cup as I couldn’t be bothered with Kanto so I am super low but… Seeing mostly Golbat, the two recent CD mons, Wiggly and Skarm. Not sure how representative this is as I’m getting rank 8s and mins around 1300 so obviously very low MMR. Don’t take it too seriously I think and just use it as a chance to either play with new things you’ve never invested in before but been meaning to or just a random team you’ve found.

I’m running Bibarel because I found a good IV one and there’s no other time I’m ever going to play it! Turns out it’s good against all the Golbats I’ve seen so far.

My last battle for today was against a season 3 rank 10, he had Obstagoon/Golbat/Seviper with Poison Fang and Crunch. I guess Goon and Golbat cheap 2nd moves and ok, that Seviper and the 50k second move as spice. I went 4-1; 2-3; 4-1; 5-0. That 2-3 I guess when I had Hypno and A-Wak on same team, opponent’s pokemon might be random but still be careful about sharing weaknesses

“be careful about sharing weaknesses”

I get that. My alt was playing in the Kanto Cup, using A-Muk, Lapras, A-Graveler. Had a BIG problem with Shadow Machamp, couldn’t touch it. But I still got some wins against non-champ teams, and made it into level 9. Gonna try for 10 in the next week on the alt - I got there on main 5 days into Little Cup. (Hint - the Bronzor mirror matchup always goes your way if you have tackle instead of confusion. You give up a few other matchups, but still hammer Cottonnee, and do better against Wynault.)

Thanks for the info, Banana.

Thinking of running Scrafty, Mantine (hatched a Mantyke, so cheap 3-move), and not sure about 3rd, might like something to hurt Golbat, since we should see a lot of those, as you all say. That team should surprise some people, and Mantine is a great lead.

20 Catch Cup battles today and I saw zero fighters, just fake ones Obstagoon and Vigoroth. Saw some CD pokes, an Emolga, Cloyster…I don’t use Altaria much in real life…but it is tough to even see the opponent’s pokemon. I look at the type(s) in the corner but in this cup not completely obvious what an opponent might switch into. Saw no Scrafty, I used an Umbreon part of the time but saw no others, several Hypno/Wiggly and a couple A-Sandslash, it might be a good place for one of those with not a bunch of fighting moves

4 or 5 fighters here, toxicroak, scrafty, machamp. Many CD ones, a few Umbreons, see also the other thread. Running ok, but not really good with my fighter/anti flying team…

I actually expect some adjustment, Niantic was not very clear about what would be eligible. Now people know and they can see how they can make the biggest difference, people don’t wanna play a complete cheese team for a whole week and just tread water. That is 8-9+ hours

I don’t know. Why should that be? I mean, you see what’s eligible the latest when you enter the cup. Go back, invest a bit, join the fight. I rather guess that some people just go without investing, tanking a bit, cause most are already rank 10 and a few HC players invest in the best of the best… This also explains the huge differences in team quality I saw. Of course if you have an ok team and do a decent job you will face some perfect opponents on their way up

People that have had success want followup recognition. People that have had no success think they “deserve” it. My Go Battle score total says I’ve earned 6,007,000 stardust from playing Go Battle League…got to 2765 once spending all that plus millions more from catches/eggs. Might be someone’s only chance to be Derrick Henry/Bo Jackson Tecmo Bowl running full speed. Eventually you’ll run into other Bos and that’ll be the “competition”

***Battle after this post faced Obstagoon and RL Tropius…I couldn’t force them to even show me the 3rd.

I built a mandibuzz since I didn’t till now. Team atm is
Mandibuzz-air slash/dark pulse
magmortar-fire spin /thunderbolt
hariyama-counter/close combat
Yes it is very weird. All will remain single moved for now.
Still it’s working pretty ok. Only sure loss is a charmer not matching with magmortar. Otherwise mandi wins me the lead and hariyama closes reliably with shields down. Magmortar usually meets a water type on safe switch. some vaporeon, a floatzel, lots of the slow family.

Also lots of leads carried from kanto cup. A-wak, machamp, hypno etc which is why mandi is in lead. Beaten a few lead snorlaxes as well and twice got swept by togekiss. 3 sets I went 8-7.

So I’m facing mostly rank 10s atm (I’m still at 8)
and I’m seeing all sorts

Lots of Electabuzz, Magmar, Electivire, Magmortar
Fair bit of Scrafty
Uncommon stuff I’ve seen: Azumarill, Lucario

I’m using
Electabuzz Thundershock/Thunderpunch
Snorlax Lick/Body Slam
Uxie Confusion/Future Sight
at the moment and it’s okay. Burn shields or farm energy with Electabuzz. Cleave with Confusion on Uxie and Snorlax is just a general tank.
Why am I using these 3 mons? They were my 3 highest CP eligible mons. :l
I have caught a Skarm recently, but I would need to grind more dust up. And my biggest dust priority atm is Shadow Mewtwo

Okay, so, now that we’ve all had the spotlight hour for Barboach, I think everyone and their cousin will be playing Whiscash in the Catch cup. I’m relieved, because this afternoon, my alt won three matches at level 10, and got my Pikachu Libre, using a team of Whiscash, Golbat, and Sunny Cherrim, before the spotlight hour.

Now, the whizzer will be all over, and then everyone will shift from Gunfisk, Magmar and Electabuzz, to razor leafers to shred Whizzy and his fellow mud boys. So keeping Sunny Cherrim to beat the razor leafers, even though Golbat does good work against them, ack, this is messy. Time for a re-org, which will cost more dust. Yecch.

Yeah, I was doing A-Wak, Probopass, Azumarill. I could sometimes overcome an opponent’s Whiscash lead, but only since Azumarill is so good…Not good enough for Whiscash into a RL’er though. Kinda calls for a flyer which can be its own dice roll

True tinfoil hat fashion I tried leading Umbreon instead, they had Scrafty. Next battle I changed my Umbreon to Altaria leadoff…they had Wigglytuff leading! 0-2. I stayed with Altaria and saw Shadow Vict. Then Kingdra leading. Then Rapidash leading. 3-2.

“I tried leading Umbreon instead, they had Scrafty. Next battle I changed my Umbreon to Altaria leadoff…they had Wigglytuff leading! 0-2.”

I hate it when one tries to mix it up a bit, and the first battles go terribly. Seasons ago I remember getting shredded by Azu, so I dropped something and added Grotle to my team. Next ten battles only saw one Azu, on lead, and when I switched into it, foe switched out to Skar. Not fun. (Of course, now I know to switch to neutral, hope they switch, and keep Grotle lurking for their return, but that was back in the dark old days before I had a clue, …)

Yeah, I tried playing some on my son’s last night, only made it to 15 battles before bored…Gunfisk/Jumpluff/Lanturn. 10-5. When I saw an Azumarill leadoff, I went to Jumpluff to make them think about whether to stay in (my Lanturn is better vs Azu). However, I also saw 5 Shadow Victreebel leads in a row…that is some Algorithm Niantic has…they pool A-holes togther to ruin your day

“I also saw 5 Shadow Victreebel leads in a row…that is some Algorithm Niantic has…they pool A-holes togther to ruin your day.”

I hear you. I’ve been tempted to lead Heatran just to shred the Shadow Victreebel and Fairy leads, but he goes down hard to Azu, if I remember correctly, as well as well more than half the meta. And shadow Champ beats the tar out of Steel right quick, almost before you can react.

Can you even get a Heatran in GL? I thought they capped at 1600CP at lvl20…

This right here is why I run skunktank. Resists all razor leafers, shreds azu with poison jab and if shields happen to be down you can flamethrower the steels. Also picks up deoxy’s D, and gengar family with crunch and keeps it competitive versus a-wak’s bone club. I’ve swept a couple of those teams which decided to remove bastiodon for gunfisk when they are unaware of skunk’s flamethrower