Antimage fighter (SK-4)

I’m on SK-4 and idk what unit is best to fight the shielded senior mages. I have Atesia built up as my gaurd and gravel for my Quick deploy, but neither can get through those mages. I was thinking about Utage or Matoimaru for it, or maybe Melantha. Do those and/or another gaurds work? Or does dropping an archer down to snipe the one in the front work better?

Well I can take care of one with a sniper unit, but then the bottom gets overwhelmed

It seems like Astesia should be pretty good against them, she has some magic resistance and deals arts damage to ignore the def from their shields. Maybe she needs some more levels?

The top ones you can just throw in the pit:

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Oo thanks!

Amiya Guard can work too, especially since her s1 had art dodge

She would be great, but someone who’s struggling on SK-4 is probably not quite ready to beat chapter 8 to get her :fgo_gudako:

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Lol yeah I just got to chapter 4

I beat the level! :)