Any chance that the Musketeers and Lilligant are getting their own stab fast moves?

I think that Cobalion, Terrakion and Virizion are getting either double kick or sacred sword as fast moves, since otherwise they are fighting primaries WITHOUT fighting STAB which is actually embarrasing.

(Note that all of these can also use Close Combat as Charged, not sure if they will use that or Sacred Sword if Double Kick is fast)

As for Virizion and Lilligant, they can also get Magical Leaf, and Lilligant seems to have this as the only possible option for a fast move.

So it seems like adding Double Kick/Sacred Sword or Magical Leaf is inevitable?

  • laughs in Ho-Oh *
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  • cries in Suicune *
  • forgets in Rock Smash?

They cannot naturally learn it in Gen 7 I think.

So? Mewtwo hasn’t been able to learn Dynamic Punch since Gen 3. Didn’t stop them from sticking it onto A-Mewtwo.

Could that be a hint as to the moves that A-Mewtwo can learn in Sword and Shield?

A-Mewtwo in Sword and Shield? I don’t believe Mewtwo itself is even confirmed for SwSh let alone A-Mewtwo (though I wouldn’t be surprised if it did since the rarer Mew is confirmed).

Even, the original armored M2 which appeared around 20 years ago has never been in a game, so I highly doubt A-Mewtwo will be in. That will probably just forever be an advertisement for the movie.

I hope that they’ll get something better than Rock Smash, terrible fast move.