Any cheap builds to keep the Askr trio going?

I was listening to the final boss theme song from book 3, while watching some art and in a whim I decided to give to the Askr trio the 5* as I think it looks cool.

So I proceeded to gamepress to watch their builds and as I was reading them I was thinking, well while a bit expensive, not much though (there are some famous f2p units that are way more expensive), I still have more important things to do and get, so I decided to ask you for any cheap builds to give to this trio to keep them going and somewhat functional, while I don’t invest in them at full time at the moment.

I think your posting under the wrong game.

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Damn, I was sure I hit the fire emblem heroes community, my apologies.

ask r

S’ok I’ve moved it.

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Alfonse enjoys the triple brazen, B should be like renewal for arena, or like QR/Wrath, special take your pick. Aether is solid, but so is Ignis. You also do NOT want the TA refine. Pick either defense or res for stats (I recommend res to help fight the dragmors of the game)

Sharena enjoys triple bond. B is also pick your favorite, desperation also works since she has more speed. Especially with attack/speed bonds.

Anna is a mixed bag. Nouton is very solid if you enjoy the lower HP gameplay and want to use Desperation in the b, then some attack bonds/brazens to pump up the attack.

All in all, they really need their weapon refines to be more usable. Their base effects are extremely dated and bad.


Well, since no one seemed to reply to this I might as well try to give some advice.
Dang it Kelekod, why did you have to start writing an answer when I was in the middle of giving one.

My Alfonse

For Alfonse, you don’t want the +Eff when refining his prf since it locks him out of fighting blues, which he can do quite well. +res (what I use) or +def help him to take hits and get into brazen range better. Alfonse works amazing with Brazen stacking because of his prf, Brazen Def/Res from 5*ing a MKana is what I use for mixed bulk, but Brazen Atk/Def from Ares is really cheap and effective. Brazen Atk/Res is a really good S slot for him too. Brash Assault is really cheap and combos surprisingly well with the brazens because he won’t need speed to double and he has enough def/res to take a hit. Atk Smoke is always an easy choice for the C slot since it helps with taking hits. Special can be whatever you prefer, bonfire is consistent damage with a not too long charge, ignis has one more charge but for quite a bit of damage and luna helps him shred through units that defence stack. Go with any assist you prefer, but I should mention that rallys improve scoring.

My Sharena

Sharena likes stat stacking as well, but with bonds since her refine is a bond. Any bond in her A slot for for whichever stats you want to invest in her works, personally I went atk/res in the A slot and spd/res in the S slot.
As for a B skill, Wrath from Astram is really strong, but if you want to invest a bit higher later on with Blue Flame, I’d wait to fodder an Owain for both. Renewal works fine and helps keep her healthy without needing team support. Again, Atk Smoke is a good C slot that helps her take more hits. The special is ideally Blue Flame from Owain since it comboes with her bonds, but it can be a bit expensive so Luna is a good option otherwise. Assist is whatever you want it.

My Anna

Anna is the hardest to build since Noatun doesn’t have a definite role in helping her or her allies. Personally I scrapped it for Wo Gun from Libra since it helps with her low attack, but if you want to stick with Noatun you could try making her a sort of support bot with spurs in the C and S slots and a rally to help buff up her allies. Her A skill is a bit hard to work with because of her mixed bag stats, but Fury is an easy option. Anna arguably needs Wrath the most because of her low attack, so if you want to fodder of an Astram to anyone, Anna is a good choice. It comboes with Fury, but if you find it too expensive Renewal works as well and helps offset the damage from Fury. As always, Atk Smoke is a strong contendor for the C slot, helps her and her allies take less damage. Moonbow is a good choice for her because of it’s short cooldown and it helping her deal damage consistently, as well as letting her deal more damage with Wrath or Wo Gun if you give her either of those. Assist is preferential, again.

Should mention that I’m not finished with all their builds yet, haven’t made them “optimal” quite yet since it’s a bit expensive as far as fodder goes.


Well, I did this myself. I never got around to upgrading Alfonse or Anna’s weapon (because SP grinding them is annoying) but Anna’ll have a +SPD refine, and Alfonse will have the Effect refine, and Sharena just maintains her ancient duelist build. But I do recommend this Alfonse over Folkvangr-based builds, due to the popularity of armors basically giving him free kills at times.

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Grinding is 100% simpler with blessings, and doing that grinding on Fridays/Saturdays for double SP events. With a proper team (2 dancers / 1 healer) you should be able to have them clear the lunatic training map (melee is probably easiest) and the SP just rolls in. Bonus points if you have the valor skill as one of your units. This should have you hit like 300 SP per attempt or so, and learning skills that much faster.

Also also,

Folvangr is fine against most armors already as the “problem” armors are typically green or red - match ups he’s good against. If it’s anyone that needs armor-slaying effects it’s Anna most of all, if not Sharena. My triple bond Sharena can still get wrecked against +10 Surtrs - one of the most common enemies I’ve seen during Sharena bonus weeks. I’ve never had much trouble with Alfonse against armors as his lower HP kit works wonders against armors. It’s probably easier since I have Soren as a cheerleader to put a small dent in L! Tiki, the most common blue armor.

Oh, I know, don’t worry. I just don’t want to do it. Whenever I decide to SP grind especially Alfonse, it’s a ranged training session.

The reason I prefer Armorsmasher on Alfonse is that… Well, I’ve swept enough teams with him. Including one round on AR offense, where my fortress was out leveled by three levels. But Folkvangr works for Brazen builds, I just find Armorsmasher… Better.

With Anna, ehh, I mean, it definitely can work to have armor effectiveness. Imo tho she’s basically an axe Myrmidons, and wrath builds work with them.

Well here are mine. Nothing too crazy.


Pretty basic triple brazen with vantage. Went with def refine fot more bulk and because TA is just s bad refine. You could also go res refine, brazen def/res A and atk/res seal if you want to go the mixed bulk route.


Again similar but with bonds this time. She’s decently fast, strong and bulky. She’s going to love spd/def bond when it comes out as a seal Atk/def bond seal was on someone else btw.


Easily the hardest of the three to work with. Unfortunately her refine didn’t really help her where she needed it, just giving her more movement gimmicks which aren’t all to helpful. So I instead ditched it for a slaying axe which brings Luna to a 2 CD. Fury gives her a much needed stat boost and helps her get into desperation range. Basically she wants to get into desperation range and then blast off lunas with flashing blade. Brazen atk/spd could also be used in the A if you think you can safely get her into brazen range without fury.

Im sure someone’s said it, but Alphonse needs triple brazen and shareena needs triple bond.
As for Anna I usually just go for Death blow + armored blow for kills


Alfonse after using triple Brazen for a while, been experimenting with this build for AR Galeforce. Haven’t used it yet, but still in the early planning phases.

Surtr made me give her the spear for arena. It’s been my staple arena build for a while.

Tried and true Fury + Desperation FTW. I gave her pulse for AR Defense. She also has a hammer that I may use in arena from time to time. Depends how the runs go with Noatun.

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