Any comments on my Saizo ?!?

I tend to use my Saizo in combination with my Kagero that i posted and he is not +10 yet but i still would like your opinion on him

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Well he’s a pretty cool PP Saizo,pretty normal and something different from the masses I guess

thanks for that, are the other saizo’s that different ?

CC + SpSp is the basic Saizo,and yeah,this is one of the few PP saizos I see

With Kagero and this Saizo, I’d advice to use a dancer.
Nils is ideal, but any non-colorless can work.

Nice PP Saizo build, but you might want to switch for another A slot for keeping Saizo bulk intact, atk/spd solo is really nice for both phase.

One thing I quite don’t like about PP Saizo is the fact he don’t get much bonuses from his prf if he isn’t paired with somes heavy debuffer like Mordecai (which is really good, getting -4spectrum stat for first engage that follow a -6)
If you don’t play him with debuffers You might want to swap his prf to another weapon if you want to go full PP, like barb or starfish. (If you go for starfish, you will need to replace his B slot for something more offensive like lull spd def/ SS and the likes). Because without pre-debuff, his prf is just a 14might weapon without any effect, and his main effect is more EP

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The Saizo I’m building is a more tanky Saizo. Really interesting to see one that goes on the offense.

Honestly, it’s good to build a unit that’s out of the ordinary, but his Def is too decent to lose. I’d just build him the generic way of Prf+CC+Special spiral/Vantage. Since his main role is to tank and super debuff foes. You can turn him into a ranged tank with Bonus Doubler to make him incredibly tanky. A Res boon is strangely ideal, though Atk boon is nice too I guess. The B/C/S slots are actually ok if he had Close Counter, but not in this situation. If you were going all offensive, like how @Kroeger mentioned that Atk/Spd solo is a better idea, that is one skill to use on him. Maybe change his weapon overalls to something else like Lethal Carrot/Starfish/Barbed. Run Despo and He’s fine.

i usually play him alongside leg azura, brave veronica and kagero

i have veronica for that

You’ll need to attack first with veronica, that’s kind of restrictif.
It would be more flexible to swap his weapon.

i know, it just sorta still worked pretty well for me the combo of him, my kagero, veronica and leg azura

no pronpems in arena or tt