Any counters to the TT Picnic Flora?

I’m honesty a difficult time not loosing any units to her, and I’m not entirely sure what could counter her besides an armor slayer.

What have you guys been using to handle it? I could use some extra pointers.

-Alm with his Falchion refine
-Any blue Eff against armors really

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If you’re auto-battling, Alm easily just dies because the AI is stupid and puts him in range

Flora is hit or miss for me typically tbh. Kliff can take an iceberg if he’s healthy but can’t kill in return. He did hurt her though. Not perfect I know but less than 70% of my runs have been perfect probably

That’s why you don’t autobattle the last map till Flora is dead.

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Screw that, ain’t nobody got time for that lmao

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I always do that
My Alm doesn’t die anyway to that blue haired hoe

Bulky guard dc user like V.Ike can tank her as long as she can’t fire her iceberg

Strong blue attacker like Bold blue armor(with boots or march),Est,Ophelia can ORK her

I made Flier Nino take her down but she is not a counter to her just saying.

But, any blue armor slayer would be really strong against Flora. A strong example is Est.
Alm is also really good against her.
Any Bladetome Blue Mage would also do fine against her

I’ve used Ares with his Vantage/DC build. Funny enough, Naesala also tears into her. But I’m not auto battling the final map.

Guard Nowi that counters at range.

I use either my Mystic Boost Alm or my Hana who will more or less 1 shot her. Other than that I don’t know what I’d use, maybe my SB Fjorm? Haven’t tested that yet.


The answer is always Micaiah

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This is how it goes whenever I face her. Winter Robin is surprisingly effective too.

Also, to those who say It’s difficult whenever Idunn is with her, this is my answer.

(These are from different battles btw).

I don’t even have Alm to +1 and he still guts Flora with ease. I think he’s honestly the best counter for her besides Armor slayers.

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Here’s what I use against Flora.

She never stood a chance.

Brave Hector with a def boon and def buff can take her hits and kill in return if he’s full health.