Any Fallen Edelgard Counters?

I’ve had to deal with Fallen Edelgard’s crud for too dang long. I know she has to have a counter, but what? I’m too desperate to know, so here’s some builds that I would like some opinions/help with:

Player Phase

Enemy Phase

I’m kinda running low on other ideas, so as far as I know, these are two of the best armor killers I know of.
Also, thanks in advance :3


Here we go again with this

Fatalgard has a lot of counters now, a number of which are completely FTP

B-Eirika and the new B-Chrom and B-F-Byleth can all be picked for free and will rip her apart (B-Seliph too, although he may have to use his Miracle if she runs Bonfire). B-Tiki should have no trouble handling her either, easily beating her in Res and cushioning the damage with her Prf B slot. Near Save units like W-Ephraim, A-Idunn, and F-Rhea can handle her on EP. With some investment, even 3-4 Star units like Mininess, Cecilia, NY Kyza, and more can take her on, too.

Then there’s more premium stuff like L-Nanna, both L-Byleths, Legendary and Duo Chrom, and almost anyone running Lethality. There are so many answers to her now that it’s not even funny.


guess who happens to be in HoF too with lots of premium skills to choose from? :fgo_serenityay:


I’ll let P!Felicia and L!lyn do the dirty work:

We’ve actually got quite a lot of competent counters for F!Edel lately… seems like IS acknowledged all the discussions about her breaking the game :feh_maethink:

L!Alm makes short work of her as well:

Put him next to a mage with the Inf. Hexblade seal (in my case L!Celica) for maximum satisfaction :feh_almdab:


Tho any Byleth aside maybe both OG’s will do


She is still an absurd pain in the proverbial but as others have said, there are plenty options now. All those awesome units above or build any 3/4* with decent stats with armour effectivness and Null-F.

I use Hana and she can deal with whatever form of that monster comes.


:feh_cancer: :gun:


The usual suspects:

The freest of f2p counters. Will smash through any non-Svalinn F!Edel build.

If you can charge his first special, he’ll plow through an army of them.

Pick your favorite high-HP/Atk/Def melee unit.

These two need merges/flowers to kill fully whaled-out builds.


Windsweep also works


Fedelgard: I am inevitable


And I am Bartre!

He’ll be paired up with

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No, she can’t lose


@seiken when are you paying me anyways?


No, one of these builds has to work.
You can’t have a unit that’s impervious to everything

I know FEH can do some dumb things, but… if they actually made a unit that anyone can get and is unkillable (no hacked Muspell/Emblan Seal Seals), then…

That’d be flat out ridiculous

Dammit, I told Anna to get that wire transfer to you


You can only kill :feh_cancer: with :feh_cancer:


Not really… even then, it’s 50/50

Sometimes I’m lucky, Sometimes, not so much

let me guess…unless she’s in a battle with you right?

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or does that only count for normal edelgard

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Here’s what I came up with:

So, here’s also some other Armor Killing options paring with Catria+Thea against Fallen Edelgard:

  • Bartre
  • Any of the Idunn Alts
  • Tobin
  • Clive
  • Clair
  • Florina

Bridal Catria+Thea give Desperation to those that are from SOV/Gaiden or Binding Blade. The Bartre build I gave is the one I’m sticking with.

If that doesn’t work, then I’ll Whale for Valentine’s Duo Chrom