Any good 4-stars to use a ticket on?

Topic. I used my 5-star ones on Blue because he benefits the most from the bulk (as a mega striker and also the bulkiest striker there is) and 3-star ones on Roxanne (least bulky support with generally the most useful kit in different situations, and also that most other 3-stars either suck or have specific niches for survival) but I couldn’t really pick anything from the 4-star pool. I am a F2P player so I definitely wouldn’t have any 3-stars promoted to 4-stars though. And it sucks that tickets from events have a time limit :face_vomiting:

Leaning towards Roserade as she is generally the most useful, but I already have Sceptile which just outclasses her in every single way possible. I am also thinking Chandelure as she is the only ghost striker and isn’t entirely outclassed by Gengar while still being somewhat usable.

If you have the Will + Pheobe + Lyra combo then obviously Will. That combo is busted.

Other than that though, maybe you should just go for Roserade. Sometimes you’d need another backup Grass striker in case Treecko faints.

I will be getting it soon (I think), waiting for the Phoebe banner and sitting on an astronomical 12000 gems lol


ok fine that was because my RNG has been completely destroyed by two chunks of sparkling material

ok nvm that was off topic

I had really stupid luck in this game for some reason. I ask for Treecko and got it in one 10-pull. I ask for Tepig and got it, Chikorita and Totodile in a single 10-pull. Literally I ask for anything and I got it in 1-2 ten pulls. Except Pidgeot which I got in a random single pull back when I still have few gems. And at one point the only 5-star I don’t have is Dusclops. Heck, I had the same number of 5-star gacha pairs as 4-star ones, both at 9.

I did 30+ pulls in the Featured Type event and didn’t get anything good outside of Drake and Lyra…not even Blue :(

That’s too bad. Luckily there will be a lot more chances to pull in the future, they were kinda stingy with their gems before :/

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I’ve pulled 4-stars 30 times already (I’m missing 4 of them, including Noland), and 5-stars only 4 times (Karen, Blue, Brendan and Lyra, in that order exactly, no repeats), this game hates me

And you still say this game hates you?!