Any good catalyst for okita?



Hello, I just step to ask about what the title says.

I already spent all the quartz that I had saved and I completed all the free quets and as F2P that wants her waifu, I am desperate enough to try anything

(Sorry for the bad English)


I hear SSRs are drawn to credit cards with high limits, although the success rate is still shaky.


Sad reacc cause we’re on the same boat. Now to save up till Saber Shiki breaks my heart again.


Meh, doing that is the equivalent of putting the credit card in a shredder, I prefer to keep my money for the paid gacha


Yeah, don’t worry. We’ve all had this happen to us at one point. :fgo_deadinside: Gacha be like that sometimes.
There is a banner for her sometime this year (I believe this September) so you have another chance to get her then. You have plenty of time to save up. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll get her at that time either, but it’s better than nothing.
If you really want her, then there’s always the option of buying an account that already has her off of reddit or a starter account with her from eBay.


It was literally a nightmare to summon her for me, i used my savings, then some more… then switched to my 2nd account and burned most of my savings there too, then the day after when i finally decided to give up she spooks me with a single random ticket… i’ve never been so happy from a gacha summoning before, i’ve waited an entire year for her after failing to get her last year.

Well anyway, my point is: get whatever SQ/ticket you can (Rank up quests, interludes) and never give up until the last roll, good luck :D


that happened to me with tamamo in valentines
I wanted CE’s and she spooks me

I will keep trying, although I also have to save for gil-nero that the wish sensor does not notice it


watch gintama
Ep 186-187
or 86-87


Same. I only paying for the GSSR except I’m skipping the Summer GSSR. I prefer the GSSR breakdown into class banner like New Years banner.


Well for me I was talking to my brother about my failed rolls for her and during the conversation I finished the story of the event and we joked about the ticket gonna give me another 3 star CE… well okita felt like proving me wrong


Maybe getting tuberculosis for yourself (?)
Jokes aside, I don’t believe in catalysts or such things, but I always put a pic of the servant I’m aiming for as wallpaper. Since Merlin it worked for me.


I’m use sakura plant, and… Failed :joy:

I thougt the best catalyst still unlimited credit card and your luck (of course)

My experience w/ merlin, i’m just never give up and actually got he in my last quartz.

Hope you get your waifu


It did not work, at this point I feel Okita hates me (also, I did not see an CE of the event from the first day)




I saw the chapters of gintama (and it’s sad to be something that comes from gintama)


i still dont get it