Any guesses for when next FEH channel is?

I’m hoping for a df increase, and skill inherit to go from 4 to 5 (Yuri wants lethality, NFU AND impact!)

As long as we are talking about it, what do you guys want to see next?


Calling it now… in 6 months we will see a “disarm magic trap” for mages exclusively against that new AR trap. Maybe longer if the meta takes a while to use it.


More DF/Decrease in amount needed for older units (lets say 15+ flowers, get cheaper instead of more expensive)

the complete removal of SD from the game


Funny… one thing literally on my list was a type of df for book 3 and older units, since the gap is starting to increase (and with SD, we know “book iii and earlier” is a thing


IIRC Dragonflower increases always coincide with a new CYL release, so we won’t be seeing that until August

This would be nice to see so I don’t have to pull Lyre to get Catch 4 and Smoke off Lilith but I don’t see them being this nice


Tap Battle.


Yeah, give it like 4 more years and they might…

And august, makes sense. I thought we were almost st that year mark, but if it coincides with CYL, that makes future math easier

@KupicZR tap battle! Ha!


I hope you mean an increase in how many we get, not how many people can use. Because we already don’t get enough considering how much it takes to max a lot of units. Plus like others have said that typically happens with CYL.

As for when the next channel will be, I’m guessing during or around the upcoming maintenance on 2022-05-31T00:00:00Z2022-05-31T03:00:00Z.


Thanks to the handy dandy Update sort you can see exactly when DF increases happened

As you can see, the CYL units have 5 fewer dragonflower upgrades than those from the update immediately before them


You’re officially on my Enemy list. :catknife:


Both would be nice but I do mean increase. I know we don’t get much, but that just means we can’t spam them out to whoever we feel like and have to carefully discriminate. It does make decisions tougher, I admit, but this is one thing that keeps whales and krill a little closer (granted celestial stones are changing that)

Honestly like I said earlier, I’d rather have a DF increase for book 3 and earlier units but doubt that will happen

No, not really

Prfs are what make a unit, not dragonflowers. Unmerged Duo Chrom/Duo Dagr/A-Idunn blow basically all Book I and II units out of the water (B-Hector being pretty much the only exception). And basically all the good Prfs give the equivalent of +16 or so stats for free nowadays. Dragonflowers can make older units more relevant, but it’s a bandaid on a bullet wound, so to speak


The opposite, actually.

Whales can max out the new units easily. They require fewer dragon flowers and even with 0 flowers already have stats superior to most old units even when those old units are maxed out with flowers.

Meanwhile non whales merge older units, because they’ve been around longer/are favorites/etc. so they need the flowers to try and patch stats to compete with newer units.


Yeah, a few extra stats isn’t going to make a difference against the kinds of units we see these days. Especially when you can’t even choose where the stats go. If we could choose to distribute them ourselves to better fit the unit’s statline it would be a bit better, but still far from enough.


I just want the suffering to end…

Mood Frog

I have over 2000 Flying Flowers right now because I know for a fucking fact that they’ll raise the cap again.

I’ll be VERY surprised if they don’t.

But man, I just want this to sthaaaaaap.


Dread it. Run from it. The quest to max every Camilla will never truly be over Krat.


fuck-angry 2


It do be like that :feh_sharenacry:


The only problem with that is, do they give everyone back the total amount that they’ve lost due to the decrease and them spending it before then or is everyone who’s spent them just fucked and not getting the total amount back… im fine either way since I have almost 8k Inf, almost 6k Cav/Arm, and 7k Flier, so it doesn’t really effect me as much if we don’t get the total amount back