Any more lone raiders looking for a dependable group?

I posted on here a while ago asking if I could help any lone/rural players with raids (I live on a gym) and can get into another 8. I’m UK based so run on GMT, but I’m happy to help anyone anywhere.

I’ve now got two small groups, one F’book messenger and one WhatsApp and it’s been working really well everyone caught a Ray today and I did a return invite in Jordan. I think I could manage to add another 2 or 3 people and still keep it manageable.

Is there anyone out there who still hasn’t got a raid group who would like to join? Send me a DM if you do and we can exchange details.

You don’t really sound desperate for more raids, but if you’d like I can send invites regularly when I do my free pass raid a day. I run on GMT+2 so pretty much same timezone

I could use invites to raids if anyone needs more players! I’m a returning player trying to get legendaries and learn all the new features of the game, All invites welcome! 3856 5788 4193

I mean like, sure, but, not so sure. I don’t have very many pokecoins very often, so remote raid passes can be hard to come by. I’m not usually the type to just use a pass on a T5 raid boss that I already have. Deoxys and Rayquaza shiny im kinda down for, though. Genesect, mayyybeeee

I’m forever farming T5’s for rare candy and particularly now shadows are only TM-able maybe twice a year for a large stockpile of TMs, I think I used over 50 the other week.

If you want to target a specific legendary, drop me a message when it’s coming round, I’m on here afew days a week so should be able to pick it up quickly.

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I’d be down, I already get quite a few requests from one of my friends but I’d always be down for more! 7777 3877 1090

0220 8886 6855 (EST)

3163 9951 2407 (gmt+1)