Any other way to get Sharp Knife or Shiki?

Just curious if Shiki will be coming to the prism shop or if there is no other way to get her aside from the rerun. Also curious if there are any other way to get Sharp Knives because I am missing two of them to full asccend her on one of my alt accounts. Thanks!

As of now, no.

JP already provided a way for players who missed both the original run and rerun of Santa Altera to be able to obtain her, but so far she is the only welfare that is available via the “Main Interlude” feature. For now, we’re still waiting on DW and who the next welfare to return will be.


As far as I know, the Main Interlude feature (only available with Santa Altera so far) only lets you replay the Main Quests of the event. This would mean then that whatever Event-Exclusive Items such as CEs or Ascension Items for Welfares are lost forever to the void.

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You get the Ascension items by doing the Main Interlude. They are the reward for every quest completed.
Would be kinda pointless if we got the Welfare but not their mats, no?


I see…that would make sense. After all, you don’t have access to the shop. Imagine getting the servant to NP5 but only getting apples as rewards…that would suck :fgo_casgilworry:

Thanks for the help, I’m a NA player mainly. Was just curious if she will ever come, this brings back hope of getting her!