Any reason for there beeing 2 Mythic heroes at once?

A little upset as a collector.

From what i know there is only 1 Banner per year that has 2 new Mythic/Legenrady at once and that was in November Last Year with Leg. Veronica and Embla.

They are way to early


Probably a combination of an early anniversary surprise and the lack of Colorless units in the current waiting pool and didn’t want to reuse units that have already been used… idk that’s my best guess


It’s unprecedented, for sure. Presumably this is how they are filling up the colorless slots because most of the colorless units we’ve gotten lately have been demotes. Not counting Rearmed F-Robin, as she is limited, the last main pool colorless 5 Star unit was Brave F-Byleth. And that was almost 5 months ago.


It could also be anniversary bait, or just a way of making the banner more profitable in general, because they’re two men (well, one man and one Monster) and that usually doesnt end good.


truthully i don’t really see the big deal. (my bigger gripe is that they are both 1 month as a bonus).
but actually having double legendary/double mythic, etc? that is fine. i’ wish they had seperate MHB’s for more orbs but its okay too

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