Any reason to keep "Return" with my Hydro Cannon Swampert?

I have a good HC Swampert that also has Return. Any reason that I should not TM this to Earthquake or Sludge Bomb for the UL?

Lol, how do you get to keep both Return+CD move? Elite TM?

BTW, return is redundant move for Swampert (and most other Pokemons currently having it…) as Earthquake have stabs, better coverage and hit harder than Return. Alternatively SludgeWave provide better coverage against Grass/Fairies

I also having similar dilemma with you for my Hundo Smacktar. StoneEdge covered everything Return would had covered (and better) but I simply unwilling to remove an Exclusive move that can’t be retrieved. At the moment I’m keeping Return+StoneEdge for that.

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Yeah, Elite TM to get HC. I’m also fond of having something to surprise people, but I agree, especially as fairies are now kicking my butt.

I wonder if eventually Niantic will change it so buddy level will have an impact on Return/Frustration.

You’ll want Sludge Wave for Mega and EQ for Ultra

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Sludge Wave for use against Fairy & Grass?

I think the only Pokémon that it’s ideal to keep Return on is Snorlax. That being said I never see anyone use it over Body Slam

People use return in GL to have a nice neutral hitting move. The thing is it’s mostly used on mons with only one energy efficient charge move like sabeleye or bellosom.
I’d get rid of it on swampert on the grounds that normal moves miss a lot of top threats in UL and that EQ and Sludge Wave are both good moves

@Zedtoned Skullbash is literally the same move but it has a guarunteed DEF buff.

@canipetthatdog since about S1, Return has not been an energy efficient move, requiring the same energy as nukes like Skullbash. When it was a weaker Body Spam is was useful. Now, it’s pretty garbage except for gym defense (and seriously, who cares about that anymore?).

I wasn’t aware that Return had it’s charge time changed. Neat

It’s still not a bad move. It’s a nuke but not unusable. 1.85 damage per energy is nothing to scoff at. Especially on something like sabeleye where it’s two less desirable moves are 1.1 and 1.3 DPE.
Don’t get me wrong it should be on everything but it’s usable

Umbreon in GL can benefit from Return to get some coverage

Nobody call me a noob, but my purified Exeggutor has Return, and becuz it performed so well in the last season, I didn’t take it off.

That would totally makes him a greater threat in GL.

Return’s DPE is higher than LR. I ran a simulation with Rank1 LR Umbreon against Rank21(highest possible for purified) Umbreon with Return, unsurprisingly the one with Return will win in all shield conditions.

But technically speaking, all eeveelutions lack coverage moves and Return can definitely fit the role LastResort would.

Now we just need some grunts with Eevee…