Any servant who you weren't initially interested in but won you over eventually?

Personally I’ve got a laundry list of servants who fall under this list, but i’ll list the first one that pops into my head; Penthesilea. I got her last year during her first banner and thought she was okay for the most part. Didn’t like that she had no defensive options whatsoever, but I worked with it. I had a little more investment in the Death Race event where she helped with some bonuses she had, but otherwise didn’t think much else. That changed with the Himeji event where she had one of the strong bonuses, and I was able to try her out with a lot of fun strategies. She also had a fun place in the Himeji storyline (this was also the point when I was finishing up with the Nightless City campaign) so I was quickly being won over. I was completely sold when she helped me completely decimate one of the challenge quests, and since then she has been one of my go-to berserkers for questlines (alongside Heracles).

Best hothead for me.


There is only 1 servant that comes to mind for me, BB.

I joined the forum during pre-CCC banner and one of threads right after joining was if I needed alter egos for gameplay, I never even had BB on my radar till the event started… A few minutes into initial story comes the first voice over inside the story, it was as expected from a cheat AI, but for me who knew next to nothing about her back then, it made me enjoy her antics more and more throughout the event, melt should have been the heroine… but for me BB dwarfed melt in everyway possible.

Cue to the ending of the event, I was farming feathers and was exchanging gold currency with qp, somehow I had farmed enough embers and qp to 10/10/10 and grail her to 100 and she’ll be the only 100 in my chaldea (exception might be her summer form). I like her so much that Ishtar and Ereshkiegal became second priority compared to her, even if Ishtar was my reason for starting fgo. :smile:


I’m close to maxing all of her skills myself. BB is a complete monster with just about any team she’s in.

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I agree, gameplay is highly secondary for me, but still an aspect of favoritism, so my surpise when she fit like a glove in my arts teams (one of my favourite type of teams) and my dream team was completed thanks to her. I can completely stall any NP for 16 turns in that team and BB’s np hits for 180k on neutral repeatedly like 2 times in 3 turns, so yeah I know how much of a monster she is. :smile:

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All the Nero’s
All of the Nero’s are fun


I just pulled her from the free SR event because she avoided me for all these years.


I got og and Bride on nerofest ween i was searching for ce’s( i got non),and a summer umu in a single in a morning in the summer event


Lancer Vlad. Didn’t like his artwork, but he showed up on the first Halloween banner a few months after I started. I had read some fairly meh reviews on him as well. Started using him and was impressed with his versatility and really surprised by his NP gain. He’s been a stalwart for me for over two years now and I was happy when he spooked me again a few months after that initial pull.


Definitely Raikou. All I wanted was Disgaea loli but she decided to show up too. Her 2nd Ascension hit, dropped that weird chest curtain and I just rolled my eyes looking at her, trying not to compare her to those balloons hung up at those dart games at the fair. But she was an AoE Zerker and a one size fits all Servant meant easy farming so I hopped into her Interlude. She may be bat crap crazy at times but she means well. It gave me a lot of respect for her after getting to know more about her backstory (although how the hell she managed to pass off as a guy with tits bigger than her head is beyond me)

EoR Spoilers

Her protecting Onui and Tasuke and turning on totallynotShuten in Shimousa really drove home that point


Lancer Artoria Alter. Her character was never really developed in any singularity, and I heavily favor servants I LIKE over useful/strong servants. In the end, I desperately needed a good lancer, so I leveled her because she’s supposedly tier 1. She honestly didn’t disappoint…her performance is exactly as advertised, and she fits well in my buster heavy chaldea. She’s still not exactly a favorite servant, but she’s a regular on my roster (albeit glued to k-scope…) and I ended up investing quite a lot of mats to level her skills. I guess she won me over with pure gameplay value.

Asterios is the other servant I really came to love. I was initially turned off by his low rarity and weird support NP for a berserker…but he’s adorable and floofy and his max ascension art heals my soul :hugs:


Raikou, I dont really care for her design with the over exaggerated boobs, but shes such a useful farmer I’ve kind of gotten over it. Also Jalter, I always though she was overrated, but then I got her from the gssr and then got her shinjuku outfit from the da Vinci’s rerun and now :heart_eyes:


I have to say Enkidu. I never really cared for him until he spooked me, and by then Bryn was my main Lancer along with LAlter. But he won me over quickly with his animations and his incredible NP. He is a tremendously efficient servant, and very fun to use too!


ozy and helena. didn’t care for them when i got them as ever helena spook could have been a rate up 4star, and ozy coulda been waifu osakabehime.

then i realized they had 20% np charge skills and my waver is max bond.


Okita. Wasn’t happy when I pulled her. Wasn’t happy that I pulled her x3. But she is my only SSR saber. And she does get the job done, albeit more slowly than an AoE can do.

Meltryllis. I first saw her in a comic and thought “what the hell is this futuristic shit?”. Then I started looking into her and feel like she’s a cool character. Her design is weird af but I like it. Fast forwarding to CCC event I fell in love with her character and how ■■■■■■■ dedicated she is to saving Guda and her figures collection.


Gotta be Archer Emiya for me. Started the game around last August and got him relatively early. Didn’t care much for him outside of the anime and his NP animation. But he put up good enough numbers that it made farming bearable. He may now rest in my in servant list thanks to a certain tsundere goddess, but he’s a good boy who sits at NP5.


Didn’t liked şehrazad since i got her and forehead assassin while trying to get penth. Atleast wu zetian was useful but nightless caster wasnt good until realizing she can np loop and thanks to her huge health i can just throw her into a team while not worrying about her dying

There are several, but the first who comes to mind is Nero.

When Septem came I was actually getting bored of the game and contemplating to just uninstall.
At the time Nero just seemed a “red Artoria” to me, so I wasn’t really thrilled about her. I’ve never liked Artoria and - while I can now say that I got over it - the comparison wasn’t doing Nero any favour.
Apparently she didn’t give a damn about it and grew on me quickly: she made Septem (admittedly not that good of a Singularity) more pleasant to go through, she was funny and overall enjoyable as a character; she was also one of the first Servants with upgraded animations I saw.

So I rolled the Septem banner, managed to summon Nero and we’re happily married ever since decided to give Fate/Grand Order another chance. :fgo_umu:


Emiya Alter. Got him while rolling for Kiara, didn’t really like him at first, but I really like his gameplay and if don’t need an ST Archer with a battery I always pick him instead of Chloe.


Both my Waver and Ozy are benched for the same reason. I am afraid Merlin is gonna be next lol.