Any servants who were redeemed in your eyes?

I’ve certainly had those; in fact, quite a few servants I use now were some I used to avoid for some reason or another.

For me it would be Teach. I made a post some time ago lamenting on his design (and I do still want another servant after his history) because of how impactful Blackbeard’s story was to my homestate. Since then, though, he’s actually grown on me; he has some funny scenes and isn’t really as bad as a lot of people told me he was. On top of that, too, he’s one hell of a farmer.

I dunno, what do you guys think?


Its gotta be leonidas. I always thought “why bring him for 1 turn taunt while georgios can taunt for 3” but ever since i mlb %30 np gain rate ce i have been using him and hes fun to play around


I agree with you on Leonidas, and I actually like him more than st George. No rider starweight, can taunt just as long with his np and can buff the party while doing it.

Let’s see who else… Edison. Rather disappointed when I got the joke furry last year when trying for tama and waver on the class banner. Then I learned that he could clear a wave and enable Nitocris to kill high hp silver mobs. So this year on the class banner I was happy to get him np2 for higher wave clear thresholds even if I still failed to get waver.


Probably Quetzalcoatl. Before playing the Babylonia Singularity I tried rolling for Caster Gilgamesh on her banner later last year and got 2 copies of her (didn’t get CasGil until later) and wasn’t feeling her design and already had Ozymandias so I didn’t really have a desire to play her (also the salt of not getting the servant I actually wanted was a part in not playing her as well)

After finishing the singularity she grew on me quite a lot and was kind of glad that I had got her beforehand so I decided to put some effort into her kit.

To my surprise she was actually a really good raw DPS Rider, so her and Ozymandias became my preferred Caster quest duo, and actually kinda prefer her kit to his.


Quetz is a great servant, but she suffers from the same problem as Nobu’zerker, in my eyes: a serious case of man-face. When I first started playing FGO during Summer Race, I legitimately thought they were dudes, at first…

She has abs too.


It happens sometimes.

Beach Scathach, Nitocris and Vlad. I used to think Nitocris sucked because she can’t even farm hands :sweat_smile:

It also happened with Poster Girl CE. I thought it was shit, until i saw someone use it to buff stack.

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It never occurred to me to think that Quetz had masculine features. She looks like “oneesan” face to me.


Yeah, I dunno… Anime style is so abstracted that I have difficulty analyzing why those specific faces seem mannish to me. I guess it just depends on what anime you’ve seen, and how your personal perceptions have developed. I mean, remember “The Dress” that went around social media a couple years back? How your brain interprets things based on past experience can literally change how something looks to you.


Ah, I suppose I should post in the servant design thread my alternate version of Blackbeard that I made after looking into his history. We could’ve gotten a way cooler Blackbeard. But with the current one I’ve separated his dialogue self from his in-game self in my mind since he’s pretty good, just they changed up his character for some reason.

Personally I never really liked Quetz’s design. But I think it mostly has to do with the evil shark teeth face that I know is lurking behind the smile. That and the embedded gem that looks like a goatee. :thinking: maybe that influences you to see her as having a man face.


I do have to say, regardless of one’s opinion of Blackbeard’s character, is art is definitely one of the most amateurish in the game. Kinda disappointing.


You’re not alone. Quetz reminds me of a man with her face. That’s why I did not roll for her.(and the abs)


Man face sure, but for me the abs are a plus. Very few fit looking female servants in this game as there is, too much of the same body but Quetz is little slice of athletic.

I think it’s mainly the artist that made her face a bit unappealing as the anime and other artwork of her has her looking a lot more attractive.


You can barely see her abs in any of her Ascensions. Anyway yall are weak for not liking muscular women.

Also just realized that despite the fact that she’s considered one of the stronger/muscular women, Quetz still has sticks for arms and legs like what the hell.


really wishing we had more muscular female servants or atleast female servants with abs. Despite being extremely strong Martha doesnt even have sixpack for God’s sake.

Male servants:
1 fat (ceaser)
regular dudes

female servants:
1 fat (elephant moon cancer)
regular women
1 abs (quetz)

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Even the muscular female Servants we do get really aren’t that muscular looking. Like Penthesilea, Quetz, Martha barely have abs and have zero muscle definition on their arms and legs.

Male Servants also get monstrous/non-humanoid designs like with King Hassan, Hessian Lobo, Ivan, and Xiang Yu. The closest thing female Servants get is like Gorgon or Tiamat .


I think the closest we’ll get to definition on muscles for females is Astraea and Santa Quetzalcoatl, although Astraea’s in-game model and some art she has gets rid of the muscle definition she has on her arms and legs, so even that isn’t a guarantee.


Oh, you’re forgetting Hundred Personas?


Oh yeah she exist in this game, everyone always forget about her