Any servants you don't want to use due to stupid reasons?

Title is pretty self-explanatory but for context I’ll give an example.

I got Altera this summer, but I don’t like using her. Why? She spooked me on my last roll when I was going for Summer Tamamo.


Got NP2 Scheherazade when i was only aiming for Amazon CEO. Wu Zetian spooked me to NP3 too… When it comes to acquisitions I got a good value. 120 SQ in single rolls for all that I got. I did get Amazon CEO but i was still irritated.


I never get to using Siegfried for some reason.


I second this


I got a bunch I don’t use but it’s because I’m lazy and don’t feel like farming embers to level them


Sanzang rainbow spooked me on Caster Nero’s banner this past summer and I’ll never forgive her for it. Dont get me wrong, shes a great unit and I’ve got her 8/4/8, but I always think “you’re not Umu…”


I hate Tristan because he was too devil in Camelot. He killed some children Infront of my character. His Interlude makes him even worse. He literally admits that he remembers everything he did in Camelot and that he willingly committed those atrocities. He was not forced to do it all be Goddess Rhongomyniad.

I hate Lartoria for allowing all the atrocities in Camelot to happen. And she she spooked me on GSSR or was it Lancer daily banner? Anyways, I wanted Karna and got her instead. And she doesn’t even have any divinity passive! What a scam! I at least expected Goddess Rhongomyniad as a servant. Not her knock off version…

Hektor for being an a-hole in Okeanos.

CasGil for not using Chain of Heaven in his animations and no cool flying wands and magic staffs… Plus limited GoB uses/not creative enough. Not even Medea and Circe’s staffs appear in his GoB…

Romulus for not being 4 star and above…

Rama for not being higher rating than Karna and Arjuna despite their myth suggesting Rama is older and yet he sucks up to them.

Eye-patch Assassin/Chiyome for being so disgustingly evil I only max ascended her to see all her Ascension forms and the promptly decided to never use her unless the game says I should for events or whatever…

Lalter for incredibly low screen time. Not actual hate bit it bothers me that the story writers never consider her or giving her her own singularity…

Columbus because of his rape face and his betrayal in Agatha. I only like his Never Give Up speech…

Chacha for being useless… And she does not go Berserk for a Berserker… Ironic right?!:thinking:

Lobo for spooking me on Amakusa Thanksgiving Banner and possibly stealing away my chance to get my 1sy ever Ruler and the only class I am missing. How do I have the newbie class in the neighborhood Foreign and not the old kid on the block Rulers?!



That really, really stings. Summer just seems so unforgiving.


I also hate my NP4 Marie because that coulda been Jalter on her first ever Banner…

I hate Gawain too. Shitey gameplay and he made me suffer too much in Camelot…


Yeah, I think for many people Gawain went down a few pegs after Camelot…

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Shes an SR, how could it have been Jalter?

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They mean that Marie spooked her instead of Jeanne.

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Tamamo Cat for ruining my Valentine’s by spooking during MHXA banner
Emiya Alter for calling me ugly or something


Again, how do you get “Spooked” by something thats obviously not going to be what you want? Not really much of a spook.

But I guess the terms been overused to the point that it just means not getting what you want instead of say… seeing a gold berserker card and thinking its Penth but its Lancelot instead.

But I digress, Im just running my mouth at this point.

Uhhhhh for me it would be Hercules probably. NP4 and had him since the start and I never bothered to put him on my team much cause… Not sure yet. I mean I dont dislike him… I guess anything my own can do can be done by a support herc so why invest in my own when theres 50 million of the things running around.

Regarding the Spook topic

I get you. Guess what you’re trying to say is: The definition of a spook is, to get a Non-Rate-Up-Servant of the same rarity as the Rate-Up-Servant.

Taking the current banners as examples: Salem Banner 1 has only SR Servants on Rate Up. Any SR that isn’t Circe or Nezha is a spook, while every SSR you receive is no spook by definition.
Salem Banner 2 has an SR and an SSR on Rate-Up. If you get any golden Servant that isn’t Sheba or Abigail is a spook by definition.

I’m also a bit annoyed by how often this term is missused. Even better when they say they got spooked by a limited Servant.

Now for the topic at hand: Caesar.
Reason: He’s fat.
Take it as you will, but I hate his design and his face so much, that I kept burning him whenever he came since day one. I only started to keep and level him a few months ago, when I decided to collect every Servant.
I got a bit more used to him, but I still can’t stand his appearance.
The rule goes that Servants are being summoned in their prime condition. And he’s definitely not in his prime like that.


You, Cleo and I indeed.


Omg Lobo spooked me same damn banner!

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It’s not really that I don’t use them but it’s more like I’m fielding the other Servants more because they’re hitting the Bond Level 10 cap soon. It’s Hijikata-san and Cú Chulainn.

Also, I don’t want to see Arash dying often without Guts.

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jack the ripper because everyone tried to force me to use her when i got her


There aren’t many servants I dislike enough to not use. Stheno spooked me twice in quick succession at a time when my gacha luck was horrendous (I burnt one of them) but I still don’t hate her that much.

I just looked through my list wondering ‘who do I hate?’ and spotted Edward Teach. But not using him isn’t a stupid reason so I guess I’ll get my coat whistles