Any suggestions for astram build

Is this astram a good build

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FB and Steady breath put together are sorta redundant ngl. Especially with a 3CD special, steady breath’s special charges are being wasted. I would either focus more on PP with something like SS3, or go mixed phase with something like A/S solo.

Or switch special to moonbow and then switch seal to pretty much anything else you want :feh_lucyshrug:

The rest of the build looks fine :fgo_ereshwoah:


Thanks for the suggestions i have all the skills but have yet to inherit them glad I dont have to waste some of the skills


Like previously stated I’d switch the a skill out here,but I’m surprised your not going for bulk with a healing special considering your using his prf.

I use this myself


Alright, so there’s a fair few things I have to say about the build.

To start with, like nobody said, Flashing Blade and Steady Breath are quite redundant, unless you’re aiming for a mixed phase build, in which case Steady Breath would be better replaced with something like Distant Counter, atk/spd solo 4 or bonus doubler depending on what type of playstyle you have.

Secondly going off the last point, it’d be better to have a clear role when building him, player phase, enemy phase or mixed phase; as opposed to using primarily enemy or player phase skills like steady breath and flashing blade. If you’re aiming for a mixed phase build, Spurn or Repel in the B slot is a good choice for damage reduction, or lull atk/spd could help him outspeed and tank easier in both phases. Lull spd/def is a good choice for player phase builds.

Also about rouse spd/def, while it’s a pretty good C skill, it’s not very useful since his prf already gives +4 to every stat if the requirements are met, which is quite easy. It’d only be an extra +2 to spd and def when the slot could instead be used for something like time’s pulse or atk smoke if you’re on a budget and want to tank.

Luna is a pretty good special, if you’re keeping flashing blade he shouldn’t have much trouble activating it in every combat. I could probably say more, but it’s a bit hard without knowing which direction you want to go, what your budget is and what modes you want to use him in.


Thanks for the reply’s I aim to use his defensive bulk on enemy phase what do you suggest is better A and B skills.

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For an enemy phase build of any kind, the go to A slot is almost always going to be Distant Counter, unless you’re going for a more obscure niche build, but DC is the most consistent. Helps him fight mages, bows and daggers much better.

For the B slot either Lull Atk/Spd or Spurn (or Repel/Close Call) are pretty much the go to’s. Neither is really better than the other, one just helps you reduce damage (Spurn) and the other helps negate damage (Lull) with the added benefit of making doubles easier. Both are good choices but it’s up to personal preference and budget which to go with. I do also want to mention Null-Follow Up since it prevents any doubles from skills or weapons that give them unconditionally as well as guaranteeing he can double if he has the speed for it, but for general use it might be more niche than the others I mentioned.

And although you didn’t mention it, Atk Smoke is an incredibly cheap C slot that’s an easy way of reducing damage.


I see and yeah i forgot about C slot I dont have atk smoke but is threat atk good.

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Threaten Attack is very specific and honestly really isn’t that good. I’d say just wait until you pull a Kaze since he’s in the base pool, so if you’re ever pulling on colourless you’re bound to get him eventually.


Okay ill do so and thanks this has been helpfull

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No problem.

Here’s my build, works great on my arena core that is all physical damage:

Whos his support partner if you have one in mind

What’s the build for? For AR, I have this build with a healer to give both Guard and Heavy blade, but I’m looking into getting him that new sword.

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