Any suggestions for GPS not found error 11?

Up until recently I’ve never had any issues with this. My trainer flawlessly moved in the map, and faced in the correct direction in which my phone was pointed. Now quite often my trainer lags on the game map standing still as opposed to the fact that I am actually moving. This will go on for a minute, or so, and either it will correctly catch up, or simply display the in game error message. I have a Google Pixel 2XL, and don’t have the option to go into, and select from my settings the - turn on precise location - option, or whatever that I’ve seen suggested in some articles, and net posted videos.

I suppose its just a glitch, like every other game, also they’ve had a few updates till now with new events or something right? (sorry i dont play pokemon go anymore so idk whats been happening recently) but i assume its just a few bugs and glitches, theyll probably patch it up in the future… so basically just wait till they patch it…?

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exit the application, turn location off and on, and open the app. If it still pops up, restart the phone.

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I get this every now and again when I use mobile data to roam while i’m at home. The quick fix for me is to connect to my wifi (or tether to another device) and then switch back to mobile data once the error goes away