Any suggestions to help beat for the King Elly-chan Bounty Hunt?

Any specific Servents that counter any of her phases particularly well or CE that will get past some sort of stupid Gimick that is later on in the fight?


DSS Dantes or use a borrowed spishtar + sherlock combo


I used DSS Dantes and a Mash to tank the 1 time the enemy managed to NP (Dantes is NP2 tho). Had a Gil in the back but ended up not needing him. It took 10 turns in total.

I’ve heard QSH can solo the stage, but I haven’t tried that.

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I haven’t been successful with this mission (cheese with command seals), but you’ll need some way to bring your own cleanse, your own invuln pierce, and a hard-hitting AOE NP.

I beat it with stall… Spishtar + Jeanne + Merlin and whatever on the backline. Yeah, I know, super creative!

2 invuls (3 with Astarte and more + debuff cleanse if you bring Atlas), 1 stun, healing. Jeanne is great as her NP clears the annoying debuffs and Merlin also heals things up. Aside from stray crits you’ll barely be touched and if they spam Invul you can just chill and wait.

For CEs I just stacked Bestia Del Sols on everyone and MLB Songstress on Ishtar. By this time you’ll be able to find people with MLB Bestia too for a further boost.

If you don’t have any of the pieces maybe consider borrowed Merlin or Jeanne + Mash and some other DPS?

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With this level of powermod even my NP1 Dantes 2t this. His skills naturally counter all of these gimmicks


Asclepius was fantastic in this quest. He gives NP gauge, guts, np gain, debuff clear, healing, heal per turn…


Pretty late but I used NP2 Drake to 3T this, I spent a good 3 days farming like a mad man to get more Ce drops to very little avail. I got some but not enough to guarantee a clean 2T. My team was Drake mlb dmg ce, Reines Ox ce mlb, Merlin party dmg ce mlb, second Merlin party dmg ce mlb, mash party ce non mlb & lastly Bunyan with outrage.

A bit expensive ? But if you can mimic this and don’t care about your CS’s you can cheese this 1-2-3.

Alternatively you can use Anastasia with high NP levels with a similar setup but for Arts obviously but you will really need all the dmg CE’s you can slot in even if your Anastasia is NP3+.

For Quick others have already said Dante’s but if you don’t have him you can opt for Zerkerlot however Dante’s is much safer if you have to pick between the two.

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I 2turned it with DSS Dantes (NP2, lvl 100).

He is pretty much ideal for this since: powerful AOE NP that can be looped, Debuff Cleanse on S3, Invul Pierce on S1.

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Which one should I focus on first if I can’t wipe all of them?

I would think since they revive after a couple turns if you don’t kill them all, and you brought an AE to a boss fight with 2 knight class, you want to focus on the knights because the caster will naturally fall to AoE damage


Honestly, try to finish them in 5turns, cause iirc after that they start using the revival mechanic and it becomes a chore.

Personally would advise, bursting each down a bit while building another NP and then killing then through that AOE NP in one go.

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Ohh yeah, forgot AEs do 0.5x against knights.

Definitely better to leave Caster while whittling down the Knights first.

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To be fair it looks like spishtar is the main dps with the 200% powermod CE, so imo they might as well replace okita with another support. But waifu gonna waifu I guess

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Yeah, that’s what I thought too, I actually didn’t see the Okitan till I saw your post cause it seems I’m blind somehow.

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Left , Right , Middle is the way to go. You can use ST Dps too if you want. Kama & Astraea can do this too. Though I don’t know how much power mod you’d need on Kama to clear this. My Astraea only needed 2 party dmg CE’s and her own dmg ce.

If you are willing to burn seals, you can always just get FL Godjurna (NP2+) with MLB CE, buff him (if you have native chargers to get 70% NP this will save a seal!), AE the breakbars on turn 1, plugsuit stun Brave on turn 2 to prevent Invuln, then use seal to NP with Godjurna again on turn 3. Native Merlin helps a lot as it gives a full turn of invuln to ensure Godjurna survives to turn 3 as well as excellent buffs to ensure you hit damage threshilds. If doing it this way, stack the rest of the roster with support CEs to ensure you don’t have any clean-up to do after turn 3.