Any tips for Aversa's GHB map?

I’ve been having trouble lately getting past the GHB revivals recently, and Aversa’s is annoying me a little bit. I’m mostly annoyed by all the Panic Ploy statuses going around. Is there anyone I could try using, especially for the one of each movement type mission?

Use an armor as your tank such as Fallen tiki and use a support unit such as kaden or corrin and the armor should wreck house

Don’t leave your allies next to each other and try to kill Aversa as fast as you can

Tactics skills and a mixed team comp work well here. Alternatively, just run B!lyn, rein, vero and L!lyn or any other dancer.

I’ve been trying it out with L!Hector, NY!Gunnthra, Mathilda, and PA!Inigo, I get close but not too far.

I might have to switch out Mathilda for B!Veronica this far in.

When Aversa first came out I cleared her Infernal with Sheena tanking everything on the left side and killing Aversa on turn 2, Nephenee tanked/killed the Red Armored that spawns on the bottem left, then had Veronica for healing and ranged damage, and PA.Azura for dancing

Flying units make it easier since they don’t have to worry about mobility as much.

Anyways here's how I beat it

Alrighty, managed to get Lunatic and the quest by replacing Mathilda with B!Veronica. Still working on Infernal

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I find tactics pretty scary to use when Aversa is on the enemy team with PvE inflated HP.

If you have DC mixed tanks with some kind of guard and one bow unit I think it isn’t too hard? And maybe a mage. One tank on each side to block the way, bow unit to shoot down that firesweeper that spawns in the lower right, maybe a mage to take care of the armours that spawn in the bottom.

I just used Nino and Lazura to kill everything while Hector and rein were watching.

I have Legendary Hector, a +ATK -DEF Micaiah, and a Brave Lyn I could use to fit the bill. What are some good DC mixed tanks?

…Kjelle and Sheena

Hector is fine.

Got it. Micaiah and WF!Hinoka put in some awesome work. :D

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Yay! Good for you!

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