Any use for lock on porygon z?

Porygon-Z has never been especially useful, but what I want to know is, with lock on added to it’s moveset, is it good for pvp?

Lock-On builds up energy crazy fast, which means Porygon-Z actually has a chance of firing off one of its expensive charge moves before fainting.

That said, its unimpressive bulk still means that it will faint too quickly to be of much use. Your best bet for Porygon-Z is to use it when your opponent’s shields are down and hope you can get to Blizzard/Solar Beam/Hyper Beam/Zap Cannon before your opponent can get to their charge move.

Edit: there has been some speculation that Porygon could end up getting a community day and learn Tri-Attack as it’s exclusive move. If Tri-Attack ends up being a lower energy-cost charge move, it could synergize well with Lock-On and result in Porygon-Z being a glass cannon in PvP that can rapidly fire off charge attacks. If/when that happens, it could be much more viable.

In PVE, if you had return, it’s still a 3 bar 35 with a quick damage window, and if it’s Partly Cloudy boosted it has around the same DPS as Rayquaza.

Not anymore!!!:crazy_face:

What about return?

Return’s PvP stats got changed in the most recent update. Instead of 50 damage for 40 energy, it now deals 130 damage for 70 energy. So it hits harder, but also takes longer to charge. It’s the lowest energy-cost move Porygon-Z learns, but it doesn’t give it any big advantages.