Any use in Before Awakening?

Except for looking at those abs. (It’s the closest thing to Kirei we have until Rasputin releases)

But yeah, on my quest of getting Ivan I somehow got two copies to finish off Before Awakening to it’s upgraded effect. And it’s… Kinda spread out. 10% buster/quick/arts/def all useful stuff but a bit everywhere. It is a full atk CE so that’s nice.

But does it have use? It’s one of those CEs never recommended anywhere, and I can kinda get why.

One idea I had is Ivan since he gets with the CE on max:
-Riding EX, makes his one quick card 22%
-Mental Schism A, Np gain 50% combos with the 10% arts up
-Innocent Monster (Foreign) A, makes his buster up 50% when active
-His NP has a NP up effect, which also works well with higher buster up
-Emergency Prerogative A, 20% atk down + 10% def up = tanky boy

As much synergy as I think it has, and there are probably more servants like that out there…
There’s likely a better option. But I still would like to make the most of what I have


Its diet emiya alter’s kit.
If i recall its the strongest rainbow buff ce but youre better off using 1-2 type boosting ce’s since they give better buffs and if you wanna support all of servant’s cards golden sumo is better.


Oh Emiya alter, that could work too.

Still, the sad truth is indeed that pretty much all servants only really use 2 out of 3 cards.
Ivan has little use for quick
Emiya (honey chocolate edition) get not much out of buster.

If I were go the card buff routes these will probably do more for them



And I have a max effect Wolves of Mibu for buster/quick
Though I lack a leveled copy of sumo (only got 1)

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It is an event ce for the fate/zero accel order event, so hold on to as many copies as you can.


Thanks for the reminder. I hoard a lot of unnecessary CEs in the second archive for their events and forgot I had the Fate Zero ones.

As for the original question, it isn’t really good enough of a CE to build a strategy around. It’s way better than nothing, but most Servants will want effects like starting NP gauge, a bigger boost to one or two card types, NP damage up, or crit damage up. If you want a full ATK CE, there are stronger options like BG, AE, etc.

I have seen people recommend that for Banana for the same reason as Iron-Willed Training or Magdalene. It makes easier for her to reach silly defense buff numbers.

In my opinion Before Awakening isn’t a bad CE if you just look at what it offers but is quite heavily outclassed. On paper what it does is great and quite universal for any dps servant would appreciate the buffs it offers. But once you compare it to some of the more stronger CE options available then you’ll start to see why it’s not as good as it makes itself out to be.

Let’s compare it to something simple, like GS as an example. In terms of buffs GS might only offer 15% buff to atk and when it comes to buff stacking it isn’t as good as BA for their are tons of ways to raise up atk but not really color buffs let alone all of them at once. But what it has over BA that makes it a whole lot better is that 50% charge which makes it more ideal for a dps irregardless of the amount of buffs that can be stacked. And because it also boosts the extra atk card which only atk buffs could do so if you do constant BQAEX chains GS would put out more dmg overall.

Now, I know it’s unfair to compare it to a welfare CE so let’s compare it to another gacha CE at MLB. So let’s compare it to the Limited Zero Over. At MLB it only offers 30% buster. Sure it may only give one buff as well and doesn’t have the same benefit of having a 50% charge but what it does offer is a bigger boost which edges out BA by a couple hundreds if not more. Same thing goes for its Arts and Quick counterparts.

So with all that said one would start to see why it isn’t as good as what it makes itself out to be. It’s not bad but very very outclassed. You might find use for it with last stand servants like Cu or Umu for that inherent 10% Def up is nice.

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