Anybody play genshin?(help plz)

So im playing it and ive just gotten over ar 20. It says the star/meteorite quest should be done but im not getting the story quest to do it.

Kathryne doesnt say anything about them.

Is it that i need to finish the main story (which seems a little dumb since theres only 2 regions/elements so far)or is there something else wrong?

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I’m too tired to try to find out specifically what may be causing it but I think it might be because you have an ongoing quest already active or smth and you need to compete it first

@Cam_the_Man can also help

Did you check the events section?

When i go into it it just sends me to the event shop. Event details is greyed out and i dont know why

I think it’s over, it’s just giving you a chance to redeem rewards I guess. I’m not sure, but it does end today, I just don’t know if it is at the beginning of the day or at the end.

Geez thats mean

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No for sure fischl for me

At least put a quest period has ended in the events page there guys

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yeah it seems to have ended… I still only had completed a part of the Act 4 Quest and now it is gone from my quest journal… That´s the second time this happened to me… I want a “you have X days/hours left” in the quest details in the journal if the quest has a due date…
I think I´m writing feedback now

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