Anyone also sad Shishou(Scathach) didn't get her rate-up this Thanksgiving?

I was so mad/ sad that Shishou didn’t get her rate-up. Hopefully she gets one during New Year. But NA usually doesn’t follow the JP pattern. And I think this will be the last time she actually gets her solo rate-up.


I know @GawainDeliveries sad…


Don’t worry Bell will come back once Scachath comes back on rate up, there’s no way they’ll miss her banner.

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I already got scatty through gssr dumb luck, so I’m fine

though honestly, she probably will be in the new year’s pool. past na new year’s banners being different from jp was largely because of new year’s stuff being shuffled into thanksgiving. so since she wasnt shuffled into this year’s thankgiving banner, it stands to reason that she’ll probably be in the new year’s summoning pool. plus gssr, of course

with perhaps just gil being shuffled out, due to being the only jp 2018 new year’s banner servant featured in the upcoming na thanksgiving banner

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Bell is probably destroying his gouse right now

I guess they’re saving Scathach’s rate up for New Year

It would have been nice to have her sooner rather than later to save me from spending too much on NY.

Yeah. Said they were hoping to roll for Eresh too afterwards if they didn’t take a lot of SQ to get Shishou. But now, no rolling until NY for Shishou. :cry:

well eresh comes back next year, of course. and christmas4’s main highlight imo is ruler martha (quetz too, but she still has the usual singularity/class banners and all), since the new 5-star for it is unlimited

and even ruler martha is debatable, given how she’s a rate up ruler for an event that gives you an (iirc, solid) offensive welfare ruler

basically, one could easily just make plans to focus more on christmas3 rerun and either skip or just roll lightly on christmas4, with few drawbacks

there’s some fanastic art for the event gacha ces though, and those are all limited, as usual

bell’s just bummed that they waited for so long for Shishou and now have to wait even longer. Eresh was mostly an extra for them but there’s also Jalter and Fujino coming shortly after the NY banner so… yeah…


Well if it’s new year, not only bell will hurting, I guess my pocket too… Hokusai and Shishou in same banner… Followed by Jalter, gonna skip Valentines, then hopefully Void come…

Thanksgiving is a bonus really so being mad that a servant rate up hasn’t been brought forward seems a bit silly.

Well, bell’s not mad. Just really, really, REAAAAAAAAALLY disappointed by the extended wait for their Number 1 girl.


I guess the good news about this is…
Kintoki will have another Rate Up on Thanksgiving in two years, considering they put all uocoming KYOMAF Banners there.

that means murasaki will be there
good shit

this combination legit terrifies me

please never do it again


“Shuffled out of NYE-banner” you mean - I am cool with that since I planned to get-oh golden boy during his lottery-debut in September, anyway.

Myself, I’ll try and roll Scotswoman on NYE, then - just hope prior whaling-expeditions for Sheba-Eresh-Abi (last being 2ndary to tertiary) won’t leave my wallet barren. :fgo_kiarasmile:

I’m disappointed for my bud Belluchi.

I was also disappointed that there was no Jack banner. But a good roll helped cheer me up.

I’m more anxious about Iskandar and Hijikata being on the tail end of the servants. Could really use a 5* Berserker or Rider (got none yet), but all those shiny servants are tempting

I’m slightly disappointed she’s not on TG, but probably for a different reason than most here:
I already have her at NP1, but would like to NP2 her. NP2 would have helped during Underworld Christmas, but - almost more importantly, at least for me - on TG there (usually) aren’t any 5* CEs on rate-up, which slightly increases the chance of getting another Kscope or two.
All my future roll targets after the Midrash/Abi banner have some rate-up CE I don’t really care about that much, which diminishes the already-terribly-low chances of getting more Kscopes…

In fact, if there’s NO rate-up CE on Okita’s rate-up (already have Poster Girl), I might try to NP2 her for that reason, rather than waiting for the GUDA2 re-run Okita banner, as replacement for the Shishou rolls.

It’s a relief, actually. Scathach would have seriously tempted me away from Abigail. I can pass on all the other Thanksgiving Servants.