Anyone else disappointed with Hidden Power?

Hello everyone.

I have recently evolved and am in the process of gradually powering up my one and only togekiss. Although I know that togekiss truly shines with charm, mine initially came with hidden power flying. I was quite excited to see that I had lucked out on a STAB hidden power, something I wished would have happened to my ghost and ground HP Ho-ohs.

I looked at the data on gamepress and was very disappointed to see that togekiss’ other flying move, air slash, deals the same amount of damage but generates energy quicker than flying HP in PVP. This means that there exists no reason to choose hidden power over air slash if I were to use togekiss as a flyer instead of a charmer. Air slash itself is quite an average move.

I wish HP had better stats because it could make the pokemon who have access to it very unpredictable in PVP, but as it stands it seems that those same pokemon are always better off with another move from their movepool.

Have any of you ever managed to make hidden power work for you in PVP? It can be on any pokemon.

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Hidden Power is pretty bad and many have complained about it. There are several, otherwise good Pokémon that are held back by that fastmove * cough* Ho-oh *cough *. It’s a below average move so using it will get you…a below average performance. If it was at least 3 DPT and 3 EPT (more similar to its 10+10ps in PvE) it would have some surprise utility on: Starmie, Alomomola, Duosion/Reuniclus, Togetic, and of course Ho-Oh. Alternately, a higher DPT would make the surprise typing more effective in weird matchups.

tl;dr hidden power is pretty bad and needs a buff to be usable and/or make certain 'mon usable.

I would love a buff to HP. I had a Porgyon with HP Ice and was excited to use it as a niche Rayquaza counter (this was back when Rayquaza was first added to the game) along with an HP Ice Togetic.

I checked some simulations and as it is right now in PVP, togekiss performs better with charm against dragonite than with hidden power ice, even though charm only hits for single super effective compared to ice hidden power’s double super effectiveness. This shows both how amazing charm is as a fast move and how underwhelming HP is.

Yeah I ended up with HP electric on my shiny Luxray, which is epic, but yeah same story, its other electric fast moves perform better overall. Defs would love a buff, wouldn’t mind if it became a confusion/volt switch clone.

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My very first Togekiss ended up with Hidden Power: Dragon, so I was really excited to use it as a Dragonslayer. Needless to say, I was really underwhelmed with its performance, especially in PvP. Then Charm happened, and the rest was history. So I feel you there.

Hidden Power is, in my opinion, the most interesting quick move in the game since it can be any of 16 different types (Normal and Fairy being the exceptions). It has the potential to make PvP matches more fun and dynamic if it wasn’t so terrible. I really hope it’s on Niantic’s radar somewhere, because that move could really use some love.

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On the contrary, I want Hidden Power to be weak, because if it was stronger, it could break the meta like shadows have. There is no way to choose the Hidden Power for a specific Pokemon (not even with an Elite Fast TM), so it would be very unfair if a species with Hidden Power was the top attacker for a type. Likewise, its overwhelming coverage could make certain species with a buffed Hidden Power too powerful in PvP.

There’s not that many mons that have it though. I mean it doesn’t have to be a counter or a dragon breath level buff, but any buff would be nice.


Yeah I recently evolved my Porygon2 and my fast attack is Electric Hidden Power which isn’t anything that great which is bummed about because I really need a high CP electric attacking Pokémon but what’s crazy is I can’t find Electric Hidden Power anywhere except for this little forum on the entire internet ughhhhh idk

I’ve actually seen ‘Normal’ hidden power on several Pokémon’s for fast attack

Where, and, more important, why? Probably noobs, this must be the worst hidden power ever.

But I also think that it will be nerfed one day, although not by much on the damage side I guess. It is a three turn move so 3/3, an air slash clone, would be quite balanced

Not asking for it to be OP, just average. Make it a Frost Breath or Air Slash clone and now it has any utility. Plus, it can only be one type at a time. Its not going to have unlimited coverage. So Starmie has HP-Ghost. Still gets walled by Shiftry pretty bad. Ho-Oh uses HP-Dragon. Makes for a slow fight against steel-types or fairies. Probably the ideal would be a high DPT/low EPT move so when HP is a high risk/reward strategy.

Probably the worst fast move, along with Rock Smash.

Zen Headbutt says hi


You make a good point, but I don’t think it would break anything if it was buffed to “average” status (3DPT/3EPT). It wouldn’t be amazing, but it would be passable. To me, such a dynamic move should have at least some usability. Otherwise, what’s the point of it?


I fully expect a hidden power buff. Honestly most of the fully useless moves (zen headbutt, astonish, acid, etc.) I expect to get buffed, because there’s really no reason for them to be so terrible (I guess zen headbutt is okay in gyms but who cares?). The question is when…

Luckily you can always tm back to hidden power later if the eventual buff is good enough.

Some of them I don’t expect buffed because there’s already a good move in that typing (i.e. Zen Headbutt). There are a few types that lack good fast moves: bug, steel (only one is worth using ever), and flying.

I see what you mean and I do hope that one is lower priority, but I don’t really like when there’s only one good move per type. Grass and Electric have different great options available; I wish more types were like this
I agree those three types are seriously hurting in the fast move department

Tbh, I would’ve preferred astonish get buffed rather than hex. Would’ve brought so many more mons into play rather than a select few.


Good hidden power, useless pokemon :(