Anyone Else?!? GBL

Hey I just thought I’d ask and see if anyone could share what they did about it as well.

When GBL rolled out I just played for kicks but it turned competitive real fast lol. After the switch from GL to UL I don’t find it fun anymore. Been playing constantly since it’s debut but it’s always Giratina, Snorlax, Sometimes the starters but same s-it different battle. Anyone else? I think I’m going to just skip it and possibly ML and just grind dust in the meantime. Thought?

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Seriously just did one more and snorlax, giratina, dialga. F Ultra League, I’m just sticking with silph. Naintic probably make it cost more $ anyway bcuz that is the endgame. Forget becoming the very best, get rich off children’s tears

i have totally opposite feeling, Great was pretty boring with each team cointains same 10 mons mixed any time. Also cost was too high to be competitive here. In Ultra i first time feel real fun, more diverse team( except Giratina) and i can do some variety in movesets on my mons in opposite to GL…

For 400 k i can fight well while in geeat Leage stupdi sableye burned 310 k to be totally useless…


I wish I could choose between the two because I simply don’t have the mid-level Pokemon to compete in Ultra League right now - and it’s unlikely that I’ll have a decent Ultra League team anytime soon. For example, anything that I have that could fight Giratina has been levelled up past 2500cp or has been transferred. (example: I did a Dialga trade waaaaay back when trading first started, and it ended up with a great Ultra League PVP spread - 0 / 14 / 15, but because PVP wasn’t out and it was exclusively for raiding, my trade partner and I laughed at this horrible trade and transferred it immediately)

Maybe going forward, I’ll be able to build up a good Ultra league team, but the prospects of that are almost literally anti-motivating. I think I’ll just skip Ultra League entirely for now, and when Great League comes back (or perhaps Masters League comes out) I’ll start again.

I guess I was one of the few To use and see variety I spent a bunch of dust I would mitt for a great league so I don’t have the resources atm but have invested enough so I’m just gonna end it here and say maybe I don’t wanna be the very best because that shit sucks

Now that we have competitive PvP, there’s always going to be a meta, of sorts. In reality, it isn’t much different from the main series games, where you’d run into the same 10 or so Pokemon in competitive PvP. Even if Niantic implements restrictions/bans on Mons you can use in PvP, a new meta will develop and a new set of Mons will be the popular picks. We’ll have the same issues when we get to the Master League, where the meta is dominated by maxed Legendaries. I’m expecting the Giratina/Dialga/something lineup to be quite common.

Now, that said, I do agree with you in that Ultra League is my least favorite of the three. It’s way too centralized around the Giratinas. It also doesn’t have a lot of budget options and like Master League is very legendary-heavy. However, unlike Master League, you won’t use those Legendaries for anything outside of PvP.

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I’m seeing more diverse teams (for now) so I’m enjoying UL better (for now). It helps that I have more UL teams than any other league.


I built my team with only luckies, so costs were halved. Extra bonus for collecting lucky dex. 34 lvl 96 IV Steelix, only second attack costed lot. 28 Lvl blastoise 91 IV is cheapest mon( preferred to save 150 k dust , than powering 20 lvl 98 IV non-lucky. 98 lucky Toxicroak was the most expensive because needed to max him from lvl 2 + second attack.

I havent anything for great league and luckies was too high lvl or IV. Im really glad for this League rotation. Can make huge amount of cheap teams, if i want( i skip legendaries in first two Leagues, too expensive) And i can put my Ultra team mons in gyms or fight with Rocket at least, Great League mons are totally useless outside PvP.

Everyone on my team hard counters Giratina. I don’t use one myself, because that’s boring, but I can take out a Giratina no matter where it is in the lineup, along with all the Giratina escorts. I admittedly struggle against a team that’s not centered around Giratina, which is maybe 1 in 5.


I don’t see how the lack of diversity is any different than in great league. There all you saw was registeel, deoxys defense, azumaril, altaria,skarmory and here and there venosaour, mudboy(s), tropius. These made up 95% of mons you encountered in the higher ranks. Altaria is budget, venosaur too. Skarmory is also here, since one didn’t need a charge move on it. Whiscash from the mudboys as well, while swampert was slightly behind here. However, most of the time these were quite easily defeated when facing a line up from the pvp fanatics.

A lot of the best great league options were high investments regarding stardust and are useless outside of this novelty concept In ultra league it’s the same actually, but I would say that the budget options are actually on par many times. Swampert destroys many things or does heavy damage in return even if it loses a match up, as long as one keeps it away from grass. Being a starter it’s also very cheap regarding powering it up. Giving a good IV or lucky munchlax a second move and then evolving it, also lowers the costs significantly. TMs for the right charge moves can be a problem though. These are two great options for being actually competitive, unlike with great league, where budget most of the time meant budget, since the true budget options most of the time remained toothless if facing a deoxys, registeel and azumaril line up. Sure, taking one of them down isn’t that hard, but all three at once? good luck with just budget options.
I myself added a 100% alolan muk to the team, to which I unlocked a second charge move, since I plan to max it eventually for raids and gyms, so I said why not use it here for now. All three of these present a hard wall to giratina’s altered forme and are way more reliable to use than togekiss, which still needs to shield giratina’s ancient power and due to charm’s abysmal energy gain can be quite easily walled by something else. Giratina is not much different, sure it defeats most things, but it struggles with some and most of its best counters are way cheaper as well. Also swampert and snorlax can be also used in master league later, where they still perform more or less the same.

This being said, I never thought I’d defend pvp in some way haha. I did try a few ultra league battles and they did feel way less stale than great league. Taking care of both giratina and togekiss was quite easy actually. . I myself don’t stress about pvp any more, after I got scraggy. I won’t spend premium raid passes on it and the free rewards one gets for winning are borderline participation awards, since most of the time one finds better things just by walking for 20 minutes in a city and payig attention to the tasks than what one realistically gets out of doing several rounds of the free battles. Getting the best streaks there is also not that easy, since it depends on luck and glitches can also ruin things.

Now master league… that will be a pain. I really don’t feel like throwing hundreds of thousands of stardust away for charge moves that have no raid utility. I already have a maxed giratina and dialga, but there’s no way I’m unlocking charge moves on those. I also have a maxed togekiss with two moves, but those charge move in pvp are just… no. The 98% snorlax I use in ultra will be maxed eventually, so there’s that at least.

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To be fair…

I come from Smogon which I used to play competitive pokemon on their battle simulator, Showdown, and used to rank relatively high so I know about metagames and balance. If Smogon as a whole has taught me something is that you can make a balanced metagame of literally anything. Yes, I know the playstyle of Go and main series is radically different, but then Silph has achieved it as well.

Nintendo & Niantic metagames suck because their rules are really poor, not thought through and balance is a concept of fantasy. Groups of experts in communities are who have risen their voices to create unofficial rules that make the battles more balanced and proved that with the right rules it is entirely possible to do. Pokemon is a game almost of luck, and they achieved to create balanced metas of it. Big their balls. There weren’t 10 top picks, but around 35 meta-relevant pokemon + the niche choices that made it extremely interesting to play. Recently, Kiengiv made a video using 75 different species for Great League, winning 22/25 battles this beast of a man did. Because of it, and excepting the fact that man is very skilled, I truly believe that a balanced metagame is entirely possible even in a real-time game without turns with just offensive power.

EDIT: I want to clarify, they weren’t perfect, and both Great League and Smogon OU have some usage variations between the top mons, Azumarill is just as bad as Landorus was, and Registeel like Heatran, but overall was far more interesting and gave a lot more species their deserved spotlight.

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I seriously don’t know the problem people have with Giratina. I started this game December 2019 not even 2 months ago and I just won 7 out of 10 games in Ultra League on level 7 (I can’t really get any higher no matter how much I win).

I actually hope to encounter Giratina every round (which I do anyway, people are really unimaginative). It’s weak against Dark, Dragon and Ghost moves and 2 out of 3 of my Pokemon have those (including one where no one expects shadow ball to come out at all lol).

Same story in Great League. Lead with Toxicroak and it’s strong against Registeel, Azumarill (Sludge Bomb), Umbreon and Azumarill counters like Venusaur/Meganium. Add Skarmory against Altaria. Then you can chose between Alola Raichu, Umbreon, whatever, depending on luck which element the opponent uses. Was good enough for me to go 50 wins out of 75 without having Azumarill, Altaria or Registeel.

I wish I was more advanced and had more Pokemon like Pixi or Alolan Muk, I don’t know how people can possibly play this game for 3 years and struggle here.

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As someone who played the game since 2018, here is how I would divide people when it comes to raiding:

  1. People who like diverse teams and bother investigating in b teams. Have excellent knowledge of SE moves and have no problem short manning raids or even spicing up the latter. Normally have under 500k dust, since there is a constant shortage of it. Considered by others to take the game too seriously and addicted to it.
  2. People who only care only about the best counter in raids and already consider the second best to be meh and not worth the dust. Quite often sit on a lot of dust and are stingy when it comes which species they bother investing in.
  3. People who leech of others, lack proper counters, have their highest cps represented by weather boosted evolves, have almost o knowledge about what is SE against anything and they refuse to do raids in groups less of 5 people, since then one could lose. They will never make a team for the weeks where a legendary is present. If aggron gets picked for the raid it’s also the games fault for making them raid with it. Already complain if the boss isn’t defeated by the 120 second mark. Rare candies if used on a species will never be used in power ups, but to clear storage. Right moves? who needs those. The ammount of dust these people sit on should be seized tbh.
  4. People who max a lot of mons, but mostly for themselves to feel good. Still go with autoselect later and likely only know some of the SE types.

#3 is… sigh. That’s all I will say. That there are many people who have been playing since 2016 like this is something I will never understand.

As of pixi (clefable), don’t bother with it that much, it’s very niche(good at its job), but still niche and togeiss is better and cheaper regarding this. Alolan muk however is something I recommend. The thing walls giratina, cresselia and togekiss. It actually one shots the later with gunk shot. Just keep it away from things that have ground moves.

  1. A meta revolving around five species is still better than a meta revolving around one or two species.
  2. You forgot Probopass/Bastodion, Medichiam, Melmetal and the many semi-meta picks, including Toxicroak, A-Raichu, A-Marowak, Lanturn and Umbreon.
  3. What makes a meta interesting or stale is not just how many top picks there are, but also the relationships between the top picks and the options/strategy. For example, the three mudbois differ in their coverage; Swampert can hit Azumarill hard with Sludge Wave, while Whishcash has Blizzard and Quagsire has Stone Edge. Azumarill and Deoxys-D have three useful charge moves, so their users have to decide which charge move to sacrifice and their opponents have some guesswork (or figuring out) to do.

Then the opponent leads with…


I’m leading with Hariyama, so that would be even better.

I like Clefable better. Flying-types have sooo many risky vulnerabilities.

Or get yourself one of these

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UL has been alot more fun for me thus far, way more variety and giratina is a joke as long as you carry two counters for it (realistically you only need one, but 2 just in case you need to use one of the pair to counter something else). i never did pvp before GBL opened and had to scramble to build teams from scratch. i’ve been having fun with very budget options due to lacking stardust, and i’m going to build up a.muk & steelix eventually (the latter being 100IV but very low level) but i’ve gone 13-2 thus far (started in the 2950s of rank 8) using combos of Swampert/Snorlax/Togekiss/Lucario, and the losses were due to poor switching decisions on my part and/or lag

Sableeye is pretty good, check pvpoke for it’s good matchups, I’m loving it