Anyone else get bombarded by AR attacks?

At the very least I avoided losing lift but I’m not sure why I’m getting so many battles.

Also, new site isn’t too bad. Better than I thought.

I only had like 3 AR attacks.

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Hopefully it doesn’t continue like this all season. I’m trying to finally get into T20 since I was close last season.

Lol I got bodied on my first defense and all the other defenses were 2 or more foes defeated or a success

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HS!Micaiah is a guaranteed loss for my team. Luckily, the first person to fight me didn’t have one

I still remain the same as last night, only 3 attacks

Make that one more attack against me.

I had a time when I was bombarded by AR attacks, but now not so much, I think it mostly depends on the teir you are in, lower teirs might mean more people to attack you.

I’ve definitely been bombarded by AR attacks too (Tier 19, not going any further xD). But with my new defense team things have been going really good. Lots of super tanks and no galeforce teams :sweat_smile:.

I find it inconsistent,someday I get 3 attacks, another day afterward,0 attacks. Got 9 attacks this whole week,so I guess it isn’t that bad.