Anyone else having attrocious CKT drops?

I’m probably at around 100 boxes now. So far I’ve had 2 CKT drops, and 7 Grudge Match drops.

This is actually becoming kind of a joke at this point, I’m doing 5 slot setups, so I need one more to MLB CKT, but it just won’t god damn come. In Nerofest 2 I didn’t get a single drop of Joint Recital though, so this is better than that I guess.


Yes. I’ve legit only gotten like 5 of the EXP CEs and 1 extra GM but not a single CKT drop yet. My entire time playing this game can be summarised as just sh*t luck.

Yep, i dropped 1 copy right at the start and then only Grudge Match over and over and dozens of EXP CEs but i don’t count those.

It sucks because the later you get them the less you eventually farm so… yeah

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My CKT luck is almost the same as yours, TC. Just got my third copy after 100 boxes. :neutral_face:

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Yes, and in hindsight it makes sense.
For example, last year’s NeroFest drop bonus CE had a 2% drop chance on all Champion nodes (all 3 rounds).

This year, for CKT it was only 1% during Prelims, is 1.2% now during Main round and will be 1.5% during Finals.

So on average, players get only 50% as many drops during Prelims, 60% during Main and 75% during Finals compared to NeroFest last year for the same number of runs/apples.
I guess in return they made the Finals last a bit longer, but that only really helps if you knew all this early enough to save more apples for the finals.

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Honesly, you have better luck than me. I hit 12,000 auto ticket and got my fifth copy of CKT. I have the unfortunate luck of getting Grudge match drop twice.

I dropped 4 copies of CKT on the first 30 boxes, it’s been 50 voxes since and i haven’t gotten anymore, only CE EXP and some Grudge Matches.

It is desire sensor, I wanted it and did not get it for 30 boxes. Once I stopped wanting it and started focusing less on boxes and more on stakes for Eresh, I got 4 copies within 10 boxes. They are useless to me now because even the plus 7 I can run has slowed my box progress by more than half.

Got 7 or 8 copies of Grudge Match and only 3 CKT at 90 boxes.

I guess an extra MLB ATK CE is a good safety net but I’m here to farm :pleading_face:

Just as an update, I’m now at 135 boxes. Still only 2 CKT drops.

Mine are bad too but not as much as yours. 60 boxes and 3 CKT drops. And 6 Nero CE’s.

And there’s Grudge Match number 8!

I must say that I am indeed starting to get a grudge.

*Internal crying*



102 boxes, 3 CKT, 7 grudges. Don’t know how many moolah’s since they’ve immediately been bombed

I stopped for a bit because I got fed up of not getting anything, but so far have done 50 boxes and haven’t got anything other than 6 CE EXP card drops.

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Finally! After 152 boxes, I can MLB CKT without losing drops!

Now I need another one to actually improve my drops.


That’s almost as good as me farming on 2 devices, getting distracted and MLBing the one on my F2P account by mistake before I have extras.

I’ve been getting like half the number of tickets on that account as divine retribution for my arrogance. Runs with low/no ticket drops on wave 1 are extra painful.

My C.K.T dont increase even after 70 boxes …

Yeah it’s been terrible

I’m at over 225 boxes and I should be running full MLB CEs by this point but I only have 3 MLB