Anyone else having terrible drop rates for star fragments?

I’ve gone about 25 -30 runs without getting a single star, so I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem since I’ve seen a few comments in other threads about them not dropping? Or am I just having the legendary terrible drop rate streak that so many faced with the eggs?

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Drop rates for gold mats are just notoriously bad. Yes you can get several in 1 ap bar, but you can also go several days of AP between drops. Both scenarios are common with any gold mat. It’s just rng on about 12% drop rate if I remember the reported value right.


So it has happened in the past to others? I’ve been playing this game for years and it’s the first time I encountered such a material drought, so I wasn’t sure if it might be a bug or something


I think in the egg farming thread some people reported up to 6 days between drops. I’ve never had droughts that bad personally, but it does happen. Kinda like how some people go 2k sq between SSRs with really bad gatcha luck.


try days without getting a silver mat drop :fgo_gudao:


Took me 7 natural AP bars to drop my first star. :catsob:

Almost an entire week. :catcry:

Then, 2 more natural AP bar and I got another gold drop from the Cerberus :

fuck-angry 2

The :salt: is real.

Edit : The moment I write this, I get a Star drop ; it’s like the game knows. :fgo_insane:


No, that’s why we all whine about mirrors, eggs, (and now shards) in the egg mine thread.

You’re only alone if you start a new thread! Join our chorus of whining that feeds the Root!


Once went 2 days without a fang drop in Deming. RNG be a bitch sometimes.


I’ve only gotten 5 drops of it ever since I finished atlantis and that was just a few days after release.


Complaining is the best way of getting your desired drops. 50% of the time it works every time.


All I can say is


Drop rates is a lie.

After few nat ap bar without a single Ice I quit mat farming entirely. I have resigned myself to only farm for the guaranteed materials on event shop.

yeah, this also happen to me several times. this is probably the thing that gets us everytime we see a gold chest drop from Cerby and it’s not what we thought it is. DW should really remove this kind of drop or increasing the mats drop rate

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Here’s the thing, those drops aren’t just there, they have to be added, programmed in. So every time you get a gold gem instead of a gold mat, or get x number of worthless bronze embers on an LB node just remember:

DW programmed the node like that… deliberately


You don’t even farm for Proofs and Void Dust in Charlotte?

You’re missing out. That’s my go-to spot for mats that consistently appear on servants in uncomfortable numbers and the drop rate is very consistent. I’ve never gone a full run of AP with less than 3 of each, but it’s usually a 60/40 on a total of 10 drops split toward either mat by the time I’m done. Sometimes I walk away with 3 or 4 void dusts on a single run along with 2 or 3 proofs.

Anecdotally, I use Gold Rush as my farming “reset” to trick RNG into giving me the gold mats on other nodes.


I only farm if I’m missing only a few mats to level up a skill. And only if the few mats missing is relatively easy to farm.

What are you doing with your AP when there’s no event?

Story and the free quest I haven’t cleared.

It’s when you run out of those that you have to start looking somewhere to dump AP.