Anyone else loving Plumeria?

I know that the general consensus is that Plumeria and Salazzle is a fairly “meh” synch pair for several reasons, but has anyone else been genuinely enjoying using them? I genuinely feel like they’re over-looked because they don’t conform to the normal “striker” mold.

Plumeria and Salazzle make for an underwhelming main strike pair for a team. As outlined in the “should you pull” article, they’ve got low damage and bulk, and generally trail behind other pairs even when super effective. However, I truly feel that this isn’t the role that this paid was made for. Instead, I feel like they’re better used as a secondary striker, and can excel in a support-striker-striker setup. In order to maximize this, here is my grid layout:

My (still in progress) Sync Grid

Given their existing stats/effects and this grid, here’s what I’ve found:

  • Plumeria and Salazzle take up very little offensive real-estate. They’re blazingly fast, especially after their low-risk high-reward buff, and this grid setup means that they have almost no effect on the move bar when attacking, as they’ve usually made up the lost bars with their speed by the time the moves execute
  • When opening up, Plumeria can come out with boosted Sludge Waves along-side whatever the main strike pair does to pump out some respectable spread damage and the possibility to poison, letting the prime strike pair focus on whatever they do best.
  • Even if Plumeria does short the move gauge, she also has a skill to restore it, giving her negative bar cost in many, many scenarios.
  • Once the two side pairs are down, she can switch to Smog for a high chance to poison and/or flinch, a high chance to restore the one bar that it takes to use, and some quick sync-move charging
  • Throwing her moves in with the main striker not only allows for faster damage between enemy attacks, it also boosts the sync count surprisingly fast.

In this regard, she’s really a jack of all trades: a striker/support/tech hybrid. Her damage is lackluster, but it’s great and very low-cost in a secondary slot. She can’t spread around badly poison or be super-disruptive, but she can deal solid damage while supporting her team and making life hard on the opponent via poison/flinch. She can’t massively buff or heal other sync pairs, but her basic stats and buffs provide a near-passive speed boost plus gauge restoration while bringing more offensive utility to the table.

Her main issues in this play-style:

  • She’s frail, so your support slot should generally be something very bulky and/or with healing capabilities.
  • She’s best paired with prime strikers that are largely self-sufficient like Red and Charizard, as her presence does remove the ability to have a second real supporter in a support-strike-support layout.
  • She hates spread damage, including many sync moves. As such, she wants to beat down the opponent ASAP. Smog’s sync-grid enabled flinch chance can really help with this.
  • When she drops, speed is going to drop HARD.
  • Not a good sync pair for co-op, as basically all of her advantages go out the window.
  • Admittedly, it’s debatable how effective this strategy is in general
  • Relies fairly heavily on her sync grid to make this strategy work, as her main niche is how little bar she takes to be effective
  • Is best at sync lv.2 to unlock Smog flinching in particular

Overall, I’ve been having a blast with Plumeria as I’ve primarily resorted to support-striker-support builds for the most part. Any thoughts on this niche?


I wish I could’ve gotten her. I got the cool dude instead. Oh well. Nice read tho. :3


I somehow pulled Plumeria twice while attempting to pull Wallace. Guess it’s time to try this setup.

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I definitely recommend her, she’s become a big part of my go-to team. At this point I do nothing but spam Smog and the results have been absolutely great in the Battle Villa: with a little bit of prediction, I’ve been able to consistently inflict flinch and interrupt enemy attacks. Just the other day I went against Lyra with nothing but a sliver of HP on both Plumeria and Red, and Plumeria managed to inflict so many flinches that I took the thing down from like 75% HP. Absolutely love this sync pair!